Friday, July 03, 2009

it's On and poppin' Ain't no stoppin'.

This is gonna be a blog with a loooooooot of pictures. That's because I made so many pictures at the party and my dad made a lot of pictures at the graduation ceremony yesterday.
We went on a big trailer wagon of Jessica's uncle to the ceremony. It looked great and everybody on it looked gorgeous! It was kind of country de luxe. (=
Everybody was surprised when we arrived at school. XD

There were some talks outside and inside the school building and then there was some drinking and kissing and saying goodbye to teachers and fellow students and by the time we [mum, dad & Peter] finally sat down at the restaurant I felt tired! Pfiew.

Anyway, about the PARTEH! It was at my back yard, so the name was 'iPod Mini/Micro/Nano Lowlands @ Ben[nie]'s Back Yard'.
An impression of the back yard wednesday night:

An impression of the people and rest of the night. I think I don't need words to describe the joy: the pictures will do.

Drunken photographer..

The following morning...

I made it from my tent. Those people are the real die hards. All night long, omfg. -_-'

So.., have I said too much? The party was SUPERFUCKINGAMAZINGGREATCOOLLOVELYHOT! Muhaha. Somebody top us. ^^
[Sorry, I'm still in some kind of ecstasy.. =D ]

Now I'm off to another party. Ta-tah!
Btw, 2 nights until London! <3

Llov&Peace on earth.