Friday, June 05, 2009

what did you do There? i got High.

This will be a pretty chaotic blog. I wanted to post earlier, but prom really tore me to pieces. All I wanted to do yesterday, was to sleep!

Anyhow: prom was great, no matter what. It took a lot to keep up to 5 o'clock in the morning, but care: my friends and beer made it possible.
We went with 9 girls out for dinner before the prom, then we got cocktails @ Havana and then we smashed the party. I loved it: everybody was happy 'cuz exams were done and ready to party after three weeks making exam effort. I spoke to a lot of people I hadn't spoken in a while. Nice, nice.
Here are the pictures.

The 'Dinner group'- above from left to right: Jessica, Dorieke, Astrid-Elisabeth, Daniëlle, Kristianne & Loes.
Bottom f.l.t.r.: Silke, me & Tamar.

The hard core: silke, Kris, Daan, Jess, Taam, me/Peace.

Roel [Nicole's bf], Nicole, me [love my hair btw. It's emo meets hippy] & Vigo.

Kaiser Chiefs remain as my all time favorite band. I mean, I like a lot of small, new bands, but Kaiser Chiefs just keep inspiring me: when the were small and indie, but nowadays, too, even though they are considered main stream.
So this is what I like about them:

1. I think they are still very much down to earth. I mean, if you watch their video's on YouTube, they are still a bunch of best friend-goofballs. I love it!

2. The play decent covers of traditional British artists [like Small Faces]. They do it in an honourable way.
Kaiser Chiefs - Lazy Sunday [Small Faces Cover].

3. They have their own unique clothing style.

Striped blazers, suits + sneakers, hats, rolled up jeans, scarfs, etc. All very KC.

I like Whitey's rain coat the most!

4. Peanut has a old skool camera. He definately deserves credits for that!

5. KC is dedicated.

6. They add a critical flavour to their music. Their second and third album contain lyrics that criticise the mass consumption and the mob which believes every word the press says.

7. Their album art is sublime. More about that in my coming-up blog about my favorite cover art. ^^

8. But most of all: they are talented. Their songs are just very appealing to me.

Anova fing: his is what I wore, today and yesterday.
Quality is poor, 'cuz I can't find a decent editing programm on my mother's pc.

Yesterday: fancy but a little hipster.

Boyfriend blazer - ZARA.
Dress - River Island.
Tights - Cool Cat.
Pumps - Van Haren.
Scarf - stand along canal @ Utrecht.

Today: all black.

Dress - ZARA.
Tights - Cool Cat.
Sandals - River Island.

Tomorrow I'm going to Peter's [again =P]. Dunno what we're going to do, but it'll be fun anyway. And Sunday I'm attending a award ceremony. Astrid got nominated because of a poem she wrote and she's allowed to bring two guests. And she picked ME!!! =D
Well, not really, I kind of offered her to come and then the next day she asked me if I was still interested. Of course I was, 'cuz Jessica is coming, too, and with the three of us, it's alway fun. Easy choice! ^^

Good night for now!

Llov&Peace on earth.