Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tomorrow, Tomorrow. i Love you tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big fest. ^^
I am so superexited! It's gonna be good, I know it.
Did the shopping for it today with Astroid & Jess and the anticipatory makes half the fun; it's true!

Sorry, I'm still busy with it..
Here's a picture for y'all:

Source: Olsens Anonymous.

I'm listening radio via my computer. Some indie station. I have heard so many good songs in just two hours!
  • Anderson - Michael running on the asphalt.
  • Peaches - Talk To Me.
  • Just Jack - Doctor Doctor.
  • Drive like Maria - I'm on a train.
  • Official Secrets Act - Bloodsport
  • Calla - Malicious Manner.
  • American Folclore - Switchblade Comb.
  • Ladytron - Laughing Cavalier.
  • Beatbeat Whisper - Mismanaged Skies.
And now is The Shins on with 'Australia', that song makes my f**king day! It has such a happy sound!

No posts coming up, I'm afraid. Altough I'm having holiday, i'm gonna be busy: party, graduation, driving theory courses, driving lessons, London, driving lessons, theory exam driving, etc.
I'll try to post one more time before I go to London, hopefully with pictures of tomorrow night & Thursday morning in it.

Llov&Peace on earth.