Sunday, June 07, 2009

little mosquito on the wall, Pity for you i Found you after all.

Yesterday was super nice!
As I wrote before, I went to Eindhoven with Astrid & Jessica because Astroid [I really want to call her that way, so please respect that] was nominated for a poetry prize AND SHE WON!!!!!!!!! Whohoo! I'm so proud of her! :D
The greatest thing was that Astrid won the 'humor prize'. That was well rewarded, 'cuz she's one of the funniest people I've ever met and the poem she wrote is written in typical Astroid-style.
Just for you to know what I'm talking about, I'll publish As' poem here:

Little mosquito on the wall.
Like a jet-fighter you circle around my head,
I wish you could bother someone else instead.

Waiting for you prey to fall sound asleep,
You should have looked before you took the leap.

Play time is over, the lights are on,
But suddenly it seems as if you are gone.

Armed with my magazine I can see,
How desperately you attempt to flee.

Little smashed mosquito on the wall,
Pity for you, I found you after all.

Astrid-Elisabeth Jentink. <3

To celebrate As' victory we went to eat apple pie and drink coffee at a little pub. Although it was raining, it was nice to sit outside, so we did. We sat there for, like.., an hour and we had so much fun. Here are the picutes to give you an impression of our [great] day [some pics aren't very good, 'cuz i took the crappy cam and it doesn't work so well in dark places. Buggah! The on-stage pictures aren't very good as well].

Jess, me...

..and our great winner. ^^

Astrid receiving her prize: some tickets to attraction parks, 2 DVDs, Pringles [why?]
and a trip to a big German city [she'll possibly go to Berlin - i'm so freakin' jealous]
to get a week of German lessons!


It was interesting yesterday, but I must admit: some parts were boring.
And a lovely picture was born.

All the winners' poems were printed on a poster.

Here Jess said 'Smile!', so we did. Then I had the idea of saying: '1, 2, 3, Colgate!'
That didn't work out so well for me..

Me and my good ideas.. -_-'

This picture of me isn't great, but I like the way of the colors: white, black, grey phone,
black/white[&grey] scarf, black head band and black nail polish. XD

Jessica. <3

I must say that I feel so lucky to do the Orientation year with Jess and As [it's only me who still has to me accepted. I'm having my interview this Friday]. They are such lovely girls and it's always fun when we're with the three of us. =)

Llov&Peace on earth.