Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's like forgetting The Words to your favorite song.

So today mum & I kidnapped my father. We went to Amsterdam to see the World Press Photo '09.
First: long row, loooooooooooong row. Then: amaaaaaaaazing pictures.
To be honest: I thought all pictures were great! I really recommend the exhibition on the Old Church [Oude Kerk]. It's on until June 28th.

After that we went to a galery at the Leliegracht where an artist we know had made a great painting from wall to wall. It was really f**king amazing. Loved it!

Then we were told to go to Oud-Velsen to another artist we're friendly with. His exposition was in a great building with a lot of tiles on the ground and the walls and stained glass windows. The work wasn't really my style, but it wasn't ugly either..
Let's just say: i was more impressed with the building than with the art.

Then we grabbed a bite at the top of a pier in IJmuiden. Lovely view & cool sea-gulls. =)

Now i'm tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep. I have to work tomorrow. Whohoo.
Oh yeah, here's pictures I made yesterday.

Jeans - All Saints.
Cardigan - sweater from Warehouse, cutted in two.
Shoes - H&M.
Scarf - Invito.


Llov&Peace on earth.