Monday, June 29, 2009

it's coming Up.

3 days of love and I'm missing a whole lot of blogs. Screw 'em.

So there's a party coming up. Wednesday it's iPod Nano Lowlands in my back yard, aaaaaaaaaight.
It's because of Jessica's, Astrid's and my b-days & graduations and it's gonna be good: music, booze, lovely happy folk, tents, candles, bonfires and much more.
People who aren't coming are already baptised to losers [no offense]. I even got requests from people who weren't invited in the first place.
Makes me feel like a Super sweet 16'er. XD
Exept that I think that Jess, As and I far better than those SS16 brats. Gna. I can't imagine me having friends that are so materialistic..

For everybody who isn't coming: it's a pity, I wish you can/could be there and of course I'll make some splendid pictures and post them on my blog for you to enjoy the party nonetheless. =)

Here are some cute pics of a tiny, tiny, little frog on Peter's hand. =)

Llov&Peace on earth.