Thursday, June 11, 2009

i Can't can't can't wait, 'Till U see, see, See.

Together with my parents I went to the Picture Festival in Naarden. It was very nice and there were some great photographers!
I'll post some of their pictures on my blog, but I couldn't exactly find the pics that were on the festival. So instead I will post some other pictures of them.

Petra Stavast. Visit here:

Jaap Bijsterbosch:

The last one is funny: he portraited himself while he was watching his pictures at the Fotofestival I went to yesterday!

Marion Aerts:

These pictures featured @ Fotofestival Naarden.

Michiel Fokkema:

This one featured @ the fotofestival in Naarden.

Femke de Wit:

[All these pictures didn't feature at yesterday's festival.]

Rob Hornstra:

[Didn't feature in yesterday's festival.]

Today I cycled from therapy in Zeist all the way back home. Lovely surrounding + lovely weather: I couldn't have spent my afternoon [or at least two hours of it] better! (=

This is what I wore today:

And this is what I liked today:
Daniel Merriweather - Change [Live @ GI:EL].

Llov&Peace on earth.