Monday, June 01, 2009

good Weekend.

It's already Tuesday night, but i really have to say this: I had the most amazing weekend in a long, long time. Gosh. Just lovely.
This song describes my weekend best:

Art Brut - Good Weekend [live].

So what did I do?
I stayed at Peter's for 3 nights.
I went to his place at Friday, after my music exam. We booked and planned our trip to & from London and our stay in the city. We also made a map of the things we want to see and where they are.
Planning such things just makes me more and more exited. =D

We also saw Angels & Demons - [The Bernini Mystery] in the cinema. It was quite a great movie and very realistic. It came so close to reality that I thought it was scary. The only thing I didn't like about it, was that so many people were killed, but overall, I'd really recommend this film to y'all.

For the rest Peter and I chilled in the grass with beer on Friday and Sunday and Saturday i went with Peter to the bar [where he works] and I must excuse again for the drunken/tipsy writing in my previous blog. It's not very good. I know.


Yesterday my mum and dad picked us [P & me] up and we went to Vinkenveen where we hired a sail boat. So we spent the whole day on the water, in the sun, on islands and drinking beer. It was great, great wether to sail. Loved it. It was a very good day to close a very good weekend
I do have pictures. They will feature on my blog anytime soon.

My mum and dad brought a new fish tank for our sweet fishies: Tjikkie & Frits. Peter took a picture of their new home.

Left: Frits, right: Tjikkie.

Frits' black stripe on his head and on his tail is vanishing! Too bad, it looked so good on him. But he's gorgeous anyway. (=

This morning I went to Amsterdam. It was not busy at all and I could find everything I wanted: boyfriend blazer, studded, black heels and studded sandals. And I ran into a lovely dress at River Island, so I really had to buy that, too. Ghehe.

Tomorrow is the our annual "graduation prom": I'm psyched! Partying from 11 PM to 6 AM: that's the real deal honeys. ^^
I wrote in my previous blog that I would go to Peter after the prom to cuddle up with him and celebrate that we were together for TWO months, but haha, that's not true: you can multiply it by two, 'cuz Thursday we are together for FOUR months already. Eat that, bitches! Haha!
I'm quite proud, actually. Not because it is such a punishment to have a relationship with Peter [because it is absolutely not. I love to be around him and I cannot wait for our holiday], but because somebody is willing to be my [lovely, generous, sweet and tender] boyfriend for four months already and everything is good between us. (=

I'm gonna crash now. I'm still so tired from the sailing trip. Pfiew!
Good luck to y'all who still have to finish their exams! I hope maths B1&2 went well for everybody.
God, I'm so glad i'm done with the cowcrap.

Llov&Peace on earth.