Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doch irgendwann werd ich vom Glück verfolgt.

There are occasions when you can expect surprises. Your birthday, for instance, or on your wedding anniversary.
In your daily routine, you don't expect surprises. At least, I don't.
So today, I got a surprise surprise!
I didn't expect it at all. But boyfriend Peter sent me a card! So sweet of him. I always feel happy when I get a card when I don't expect it.
Besides, Peter's card was full of sweet things. Thank you, love! <3

Baggyness: heart. Olsen style: heart.

So today was weird.
I don't know if I mentioned it, but our roof is being redone. Today they started on the back of the roof [my side is already done. Damn, there's no fun in it at all: men above my head at 7.00 AM opening my roof like a can of sausages and trying to fall through it] and damn, there was a lot of cane coming off! Like.., WOW! We have a LARGE, GIANT, GREAT, FAT window in our living room: it was fully covered. And even 2 metres above it there was cane. the whole living room was dark. It was so surreal.

She's looking smokin' hot! Grey, black'n'white. My 'colors'. =)

I'm doing good with Matta's camera. I'm quickly learning how to work with all the technical shizzle. But i'm going to get a course anyway. It's the best for all of us.
I made an overview of my financial situation yesterday night, together with my dad and it looks like I will be buying a professional camera very soon. Perhaps even before I'm going to London! That would be awesome, 'cuz I can make lovely pics in a lovely city with my lovely love. (=

Blonds have more fun! I love their hair. And their style of course.

I want to rip all my jeans when I see this pair.

Gotta leave you all again. I have to make breakfast for guests tomorrow at 7.45.. The time I have to get up kinda sucks, but they are nice people [one of our guests appears to be a former unknown niece of my mother! that's so fuckin' funny].
And eventually, they bring cahs in the drawer [I don't even know if that's a proper English expression, but care] for my photo camera!! =D

Llov&Peace on earth.