Sunday, June 14, 2009

a Cautionary tale for you.

God! What am I doing at this time, writing a blog? It's 1.08 AM when I start writing this.
I was actually planning on sleeping right now, but since I have some kind of [what smart asses like to call] insomnia, my sleeping party was crashed, brutaly.

Nothing really is going on these days..
That's the problem. I have been longing for holiday for aaaaaages and now that it's there I'm just tired as hell and doing hardly anything. =[
So I'm going to make some aims:

  • Aim I: do more photography. This means: make more [artistical] pictures, as well as finding a long term photography course to [technically] learn more about making pictures. Yes, I'm still saving for that smokin' hot camera!
  • Aim II: do more serious writing. I really like writing, like stories. It's one of the reasons I have started this blog, but what I'm doing now is writing what I'm thinking, basically. I
    love it, don't get me wrong, but I also love, love to write stories, cross out words ten times and then write them over again. The way writing is supposed to be. With a pen. Anyway, I won't bother y'all with that crap, exept when I think it's like, really f**king brilliant.
  • Aim III: see more friends. I always see my town as some sort of dungeon from which I cannot escape ['cuz if I do I have to take care of [long distance] transport [which can be by bike when the weather's good, but by bus when it rains and by bus is not the best way to get around in my area]. What's more, is that I have to take care of a place to crash and that always feels to me like i'm a pain in the ass of someone else..] But anyway, I shouldn't be drawn back by that. It's one of my learning points, so I should go out more [don't get me wrong, I'm not a geek that's bound to her PC 24/7. Only during holidays. XD]
  • Aim IV: read more literature. I still have the complete works of William Shakespeare of which I have only read Macbeth. Kind of.. Anyway, there are even more books in my drawer. yet to be discovered.
  • Aim V: work hard. There are people in the B&B soon, so that means getting up early to prepare breakfast. Besides, I have written a promotion agency for work and I'm doing a introduction shift this Friday. It's well paid and in the open air. I hope I like it. If not: care. I just need money motherfuckers!
Tonight I was cycling with my dog through the neighbourhood and I was thinking: I may be hating this place nowadays, but eventually, when I'm old and grey, I will look back at this period in my life and I will despite myself for not having fully enjoyed it.
I must admit, that everything looks wonderfull these days: the sky is blue, the sun is bright, the grass is beyond green and all the trees have fruits and flowers on them. Just lovely.
This song really fits it:
Vampire Weekend - M79.

I love the classical music influences in it.
  • Aim VI: take the dog for a walk every lovely summer night. [That one's in favour of my parents, too. Boy, they should be lucky! XD]
bla bla. Just for a blog that's going nowhere anyway. Here's one for you fashion freaks.
Just for all you punks who are expecting fashion of me. This is a look i really dig.

Source: Olsens anonymous.

Is it me, it's 1.47 AM now, or am I feeling tired? Shall I try to sleep again or just write some more here? I think it's gonna sound louzy, anyway..
  • Aim VII: go to sleep.
  • Aim VIII: NOW!!

Llov&Peace on earth.