Friday, May 01, 2009

Weird festivities..

Queensday was a bit weird this year. I had loads of fun, but people in Apeldoorn had the worst Q-day ever.. =(

Very first in this post, I want to sympathize with the victims, the victim's friends and family and the witnesses of the assault in Apeldoorn. I was really shocked when I saw about it on the news. It's awefull that innocent people, who just wanted to have a good time and see the queen, got killed.
Here's a grieving candle to them.

My Q-day was very good, actually. I went to Amsterdam [a good thing] with Roel and Nicole [even better] and some other folks and the sun was shining very prettily [final ingredient for a great day].
OMG! Amsterdam on Queensday is one of the most bizar things I have ever seen! It's like.., people everywhere and the public transport just drops all its rules, charges and responsibilities. On Utrecht Central Station the railway guards were pushing as many people as possible in a train. It was so full that there was no way a ticket inspector could walk through the crowd to check our tickets [so that means I've thrown away 15 euros.. Bugger]! Finding our way out at Amsterdam Central Station was also crazy. It was so full towards the exit.

Exit is where the crowd "ends".

Just as full as on the rest of the streets of Amsterdam.

People as far as you can see. =|

It took us more than an hour to get from Central Station to the Museum Square [Museumplein], which normally takes max. about half an hour.
When we finally arrived, we planted our arses in the grass and chilled so bad. We talked, joked, drank beer, did people-watching [there were a lot of cool and weird people], ate fast food and had a lot of fun.
Here are pictures to give you an impression of [my] Q-day in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's attemt for making a millenium wheel.

Museum Square: ORANGE!

Gerard Joling.. -_-

All you need for a good day: sun, camera, money, phone, comb, food & glasses. AND chewing gum!

Cool, random people:

Dudes: hey, you've got a cam. Please picture us! Me: Alright, whatever. Click!
They're pretty cool, actually.
And drunk. xD

She looked simple, but so cool: xxl Ramones shirt, skinniest jean I've ever seen, all stars & glasses!

People with tails.

Emo's!! They fascinate me. Most of the time in a good way. =D

Nicole & Me. Part MXIIXV:

Sexxy bandits! ^^

Roel. =D



Sunglass fun: Nicoles S-glasses on her shoe.

Roel & my s-glasses on our shoes.


So cute!

Orange sunset. =)

My Q-day-proof outfit: it was a succes. Couldn't make better pictures, sorry.

Blouse - Vero Moda.
"Shorts" [rolled bermuda] - H&M.
Scarf - Episode [vintage].
Belt - m3yc @ Virgin Mega Store.
Shoes - Converse All Stars.

Bye guys. Enjoy your hang over.
Liberation day is coming up: more party'ing. ^^

Llov&Peace on earth.