Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take the last Train to london!

OK, so here's a random thing.
Peter and I booked a holiday for this summer today. We actually dit it accidentally.
We both LOVE London, so we checked availability and prices and then booked our journey.
Whohoo! I'm so happy.
We're going to see lovely British people like these:

And ofcourse early morning markets in Camden, be lazy, feed squirrels and sail boats in a lot of parks, 'cuz we both are crazy about parks, go to the British museum & Tate Modern, wonder around and ooh, i don't know! We'll just do anything that comes to our minds, I guess.
Oh yea, go to SoHo and perhaps see a nice concert. Some punk or BritPop thingy. Nice.

Oh, by the way...
WHOHOO!! Yesterday I had my last exam! (=
I am so freaking happy!
I hope I don't need to do a re-sit, for now, I'll just live with the knowledge that i don't need to do one.

I'll be rather busy coming days. I am really going to enjoy have all the free time. Monday my dad, my mum, Peter and me are going sailing in Vinkenveen. Lovely; I haven't been sailing for a while and it's just great to be on the wather with a sailing ship.

Tuesday I'm going to shop 'till I drop in Amsterdam and I'll no go back until I have black, studded heels.

Wednesday is our prom and I'm exited!! I'm gonna party like.., OMG, craaaaaaaaazy. I'm gonna break.
It'll be over by 6.00 am Thursday, and then I'm crashing for two hours at my boyfriends to celebrate that we are together for two months then. Whooi!
At 10.15 I have to be at therapy: that's gonna be fun; my first time in five weeks with a hang-over. Ghehe.

And those are my plans for now..
In two weeks I have my interview for the Orientation year I'm planning to do next year. I'm pretty exited, but also slightly convinced that they'll allow me to do it. I mean, with all my therapy and stuff I didn't have the time to go searching for a study and I really

Gosh, my writing isn't very good at the moment. I'm a bit tipsy. Ghehe. I'm a the bar Peter works, just to acompany him and look very lovingly at him. It's good: I'm getting free drinks. Muhaha. [No, it's just really nice to watch my love all night being busy. Although it isn't very busy at the moment..]

I'm gonna get another beer and cuddle up with my love!

Llov&Peace on earth.