Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh I can smile about it Now, but it was Terrible at the Time.

Okay, okay,
What did I do today?
I guess I
Wrote an essay.

Muhahaha. That was lovely, wasn't it? I actually thougth it was gonna be a "poem" with eye-rhyme, because I would link it with IB, 'cuz eye-rhyme is a stylistic device and I learned that with IB. But then it turned out that today and essay are two words that just ordinarily rhyme. And so my brilliant poem and link to IB wasn't so brilliant after all. XD

What an interesting life I got, haven't I? ^^

No but serious: IB. I had my second exam/essay today and I have no freakin' idea whether I've done a good job! That is such an aweful feeling, you know. But care: i've got other things to worry about: more final exams for instance. It's very strange, but the closer the first date appears, the fewer my nerves increase.. Odd.

Anyway, I've got too much fashionable shizzle to show you. I found loads of cool stuff, but it's not on my mother's computer [on which I'm working now], so I will save it for later.
But I do have some other nice/fashionable/inspirational picca's for you all!

I really liked this: his legs are prepared for summer but he body isn't yet.

Aaaaaaand he has nerdy glasses. That's always a good sign.
Source: The Satorialist [<< link].

I don't know: these girls do not look extremely pretty or haute couture-ish, but there's something about them that's just very cool. Source: The Style Scout - London Street Fashion [<< link].

And Olson fashion: I'm officially a fan.

Source: Olsensanonymous [<< link].

Now I'm going to watch Beauty & the Nerd. One nerd gets bra-lessons. Hilarious and embarrasing!

Llov&Peace on earth.