Friday, May 22, 2009

Nobody has to know, That i'm listening to The Cure.

I'm sick of learning exams. Can't wait 'till 29th of May [that's the day of my last final]. I'm definately going shopping and perhaps visit the Museum Night at Utrecht the 30th of May.

Wishlist for shopping:
  • Boyfriend blazer
  • Black, studded heels
  • More dresses!
  • Some sort of gilet, but then hippy style.
  • Loads of thights, including a skin-coloured one, two black [one very thick and the other almost transparent] and one black with polkadots.
  • Anything fashionable that crosses my path.

Nobody of my friends is finished after the 29th, so it'll be a lonely shopping trip [which is not very bad, actually. I can do whatever I want. I like that]..
I don't know yet. I think I'll terrorize Amsterdam, 'cuz I really want to go to ZARA and Bershka and do some vintage shops, perhaps.

But first I promised Peter that i'm going to lay in bed with him all weekend. ^^

I got pretty tired of my music player so I changed the lay-out [it's a bear! Isn't it cute?] and the songs.
Current playlist:
Little Boots - Meddle.
Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Really Wanted To Dance [Birthday Massacre Remix].
Kaizers Orchestra - Mann Mot Mann.

Here are some of my favorites:
Favorite Natalie Dee cartoon:

Favorite animal ever:

Favorite album art, EVER.

Haha, no, not this one. Although it is brilliant, it's not very pretty [neither is the music on it. The great their fist album was, the hard this second album suckes..]. Hard-Fi did the same concept for the covers of the singles of this album, too.

I think that is very good, just stick to one concept for one album + singles. I mean, Kaiser Chiefs always have brilliant cover art, but for their first two albums they just messed up with the concept of their cover art..

But which album actually does my favorite cover art?
Err.., I cannot choose right now.. I really love the covers of Babyshamble's 'Shotter's Nation' and Dirty Pretty Thing's Waterloo To Anywhere'. Yeah, they are very alike, that's because both groups are "offspring" of the Libertines.
But anyway, I really love this kind of album art. Perhaps I should make a special post about Cover Art..
Imma do that! And then I will feature the covers of 'Shotter's Nation' and 'Waterloo To Anywhere'. I'll promis!

I'm gonna do some Geography now.
Thank you for reading!

Llov&Peace on earth.