Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm not like You.

At this very moment, I am solemnly making a vow to myself that I will go on the computer only once a day, not longer than one hour and that I will only do one post a day, containing not too much words, for the next two weeks.
If it happens to appear that I avoid the computer for a whole day: that's OK, too. It's nothing to worry about.

So today I had my first exam, Dutch. It was pretty hard, but I think I did well.
On MSN I see all these kids with [1/8] in their name, meaning they have taken 1 exam out of 8.
This is a moment on which I could be a bit cocky and put [3/10] in my name, because I have done two IB exams already. Gnagna.
No, I won't do that. I'm not that bitchy.

I'm such a copy cat. I really loved this outfit from Karla's closet [<< link].

So I wore such a thing today, too. Only I wanted it to be confortable instead of chique, because I had to do an exam [writing three long hours when wearing a blazer is absolutely crap].

Cardigan - America Today.
Dress - H&M.
Vest - H&M.
Pants - Monkii.
Belt - H&M Kids.
Shoes - Converse All Stars.

It has been long since I posted an outfit. I haven't been feeling very good in my skin lately, which means I don't feel sexy and I will think all the pictures I make are ugly, which means I avoid making pictures.
It's some sick eating disorder thingy..
Today I felt good, anyway. Those are the days I capture.

I got to go study philosophy now!

Llov&Peace on earth.