Friday, May 15, 2009

I dont have a Penny But I'll show You a good time.

Yay! I like this!! Everything of it! The music, the video, the style that's used in the video. It's like, really great!

Little Boots - New In Town.

This single will be out 25th of May. Can't wait.
I had never heard of her, but apparently she has more albums. Good for her!
Anyway, I really like her sound. And she is British!
Whohoo. That probably declares why I like the sound. Ghehe. I'm very fond of British music, ;)
Please let her be on Lowlands 2009! *fingerscrossed*

I would go to school today to make last year's music exam, but rain is coming down like one big shower, so I'll just stay at home and do something else useful.. Like learning philosophy or doing a digital music exam..

Speaking of Philosophy, I'm not doing it so much in my posts anymore. I think it's very pitiful, but I just can't think of anything interesting, philosophical things to say.

I had a weird dream, by the way. I'm not dreaming too often, so I must tell you this.

Okay, here it comes: because I like photography so much, my mother hired somebody to teach me the fine tricks of it. My teacher was a girl [like a young one] and she taught at her student's home. I lived somewhere in Utrecht and so she came at my home. Everything went very well and I learned a lot.
It was already dark when my learning time was up. She had so catch a bus, for some reason somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Bunnik and Werkhoven [it's like a desolate piece of road with a lot of trees and grass], and I had to cycle along. She ran all the way, which is a f**king long run from Utrecht.
When we approached a gasoline station, she said: "If you drop me off there, I'll go the rest of the way alone."
So I was like: "OK, whatever you want." Keeping in mind that I had to go all the way back to my home.
We arrived at the gasoline station. I thanked her for her tips and advice, said goodbye and then, out of the blue, she gave me a kiss! Like.., a kiss including her tongue. Omg, it was so weird!
Then she ran off and left me in confusion. I cycled back to my house and then I woke up.

Omg, isn't that a weird dream? I have no idea why I had it and what it means.. Perhaps I had this dream, because I watched Bridget Jones II, Wednesday. Bridget gets kissed by a lesbian girl as well..
I don't know. I thought it was weird. I just love my boyfriend very much and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world right now. Not even for a pretty lesbian girl.
Yeah I know, I can say romantic things indeed.

It's lunch time. I'm going to eat something and then do serious study.

Llov&Peace on earth.