Sunday, May 03, 2009

good Shoes.

Hmm, I have been saving up this topic for the moment when I really feel like writing a blog, but haven't got a clue where to write about..
And now is the moment.
Now is the time.

My confession: I just seem to have this obsession with shoes..

I found this yesterday on somebody's hyves. It's awesome, she does some great, great pimpin' on shoes! First they were black and white and I believe they were hand-painted.

My current musical addiction is a bit odd at the moment.
Some days ago I had to make breakfast for two guests who stayed at my/our Bed&Breakfast [it's in our house, but my mom made it my job to take care of everything, so it's pretty much my B&B]. Outside the sun was shining, but it was so quiet in the house I decided to put on some music, just randomly what was in the CD player.
It turned out to be something classical, but very light and absolutely astonishing. It fitted the sunny whether perfectly! The composer's name is Francesco Geminiani [1687 - 1762] and the piece of music I'm listening to is 'Concerti Grossi VII - XII performed by the Academy of Ancient Music [UK].
Geminiani's music sounds a bit like Vivaldi's, but yet different [and secretly I think it's more beautiful].


Source: Olsonsanonymous.

Crap, tomorrow I'm doing my first IB exam in my freakin' holiday!! I only need to read some things over, but me and the rest of my class has been preparing now for about two years, so we must be good. I'm not worrying too much about it. =)
I just want to wish all of my fellow IB students good luck tomorrow and I'm convinced that we are going to kick ass tomorrow. Hell yeah.

LLov&Peace on earth.