Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Wanna see that ass clap. Bitch.

New song in the player!
Porcelain and the Tramps. <3>
Bloody freaking cool emo's. =)

Expresses my exam frustrations. Ghehe.
FUCK LIKE A STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One exam to go: music. It's gonna be a disaster, but care.
Party party! (=

Source: markthecobrasnake.

I have to get off my but and learn now. I'm so tired of today's exams. I think it's not good to have two exams a day, but hey! Who am I..?
Anyway, to stay awake I bought 4 cans of energy drink.
I feel so shenkie now..
Anyway, I need an 3.8 to pass. That doesn't seem impossible, but it'll have to start NOW!

Llov&Peace on earth.