Tuesday, April 28, 2009

smack The Pony.

Yeah, you're right. Nothing wrong with your eyes: I customized [aweful word] my blog!
I think it looks quite alright, actually...

What's up? Yesterday night I was reading some blogs from other people. Loads of them are travelling at the moment because of the spring break. People are heading to New York and San Fransisco and all of a sudden I realised this: one year ago I was walking the streets of fucking New York City, baby! Damn, I wanna go back so bad! New York is such an amazing, inspiring city! It's like nothing you have ever experienced! [Although I can imagine that Tokyo is more surreal..]
Omg, why do I have to make IB exams during the spring break! Arg.
Anyway, some pictures to look back on..

Peace. Near the CNN building.

Empire State Building surrounded by fog.

Sky Scrapers: what NY is famous for. It's so overwhelming.

Also typical New York architecture/housing.

Gazing at Lady Liberty.

Wall Street: this is where the magic.. err, stock crashings happen.

Fountain in the Cloisters.

100% New York: Starbucks @ the subway [underground].
My hair looks a mess, indeed, but who cares: I'm in fucking New York City!

Sunny day @ Central Park.

Manhattan Sky line.

Amazed by the Broadway lights: it's really sick.

Chillin' @ JFK Airport before departure.

Aww, my heart starts aching. Let's get on with something else.

Current addiction: Pluxus & Smack the Pony.
Pluxus - Transient.

Smack the Pony. [You should really watch this. It's short and hilarious!]

What I wore today:
Blouse - Episode [Vintage].
Pants - Mango.
Shirt - H&M, did the print myself.
Belt - m3yc @ Virgin Mega Store.
Scarf - dunno wich brand. Bought @ wo_Men @ Work.
Shoes - H&M.

Fucked up pictures:

Have I got inspiration for you? Yes I have!

Source: knightcat/the fashion spot

Good night now!

Llov&Peace on earth.