Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Party after pictures.

Parteh parteh picca's from two weeks ago. [Check this and this blog.]
Finally got them.
Actually they are from the journey to and from The Hague, but they're hilarious anyway.

To The Hague with Roel and Peter:


I'm officially fascinated with my eyes from now on.

Just gorgeous.

Being a bit dull the next morning:

Good morning... -_-

It's never too early to play playmate. Ghehe.
[My hair sucks here. The way the barber shaped it is too squared. Now it is just fine. Love it.]

From The Hague (to Utrecht, Wijk Bij Duursteden, Doorn and Eck & Wiel) with Peter, Matta and Roel:

Sexy motherf**kers!

Roel tried to photograph my boobs. That's the story.

More is to come later this day. I'll let you know about the trip to Amsterdam then. ^^

Llov&Peace on earth.