Wednesday, April 01, 2009

painting Pictures in red And blue

Or actually: taking pictures in black and white. But that's not a song...

I'm sick of myself not making any cool pictures anymore. I am so busy that I just don't have time to like.., see fascinating things and take a picture of them. Like these things:

Well, as soon as I am relaxed it will all come back to me, I guess.
Let's pray for it.
Yugh! I'm sick of learning. I am, very rebellish, going on a geography strike. Like.., right now.
I'm exited for the weekend, though. (=

I feel this is going to be a blog with no cohesion at all.
Err.., my father made me bleed last Saturday.. He was driving my bike, which had a broken lamp and so he didn't see a pole and rode right in it. It was, actually very funny, cuz out of the blue I was lying on the ground and I didn't have a clue what just happened.
Check it out:

No, it's nog ketchup. It's fucking blood. It has been looking very disgusting for some days there was septum coming out. But after a day of walking bare-legged it dried and now it's all crusty: hmm, delicious! It still hurts a bit though. I also have a king-size bruise on my upper leg.
So sexy. ^^
This is what I wore yesterday:

Dress - H&M.
Leggings - CoolCat.
Blazer - H&M.
Buttons - mine.
Scarf - stand along canal in Utrecht.
Necklaces - archive.
Pumps - grandmother.

Guilty pleasure: I don't like Krezip, a Dutch band, at all, but their last single ever is so good. (=
Krezip - Sweet Goodbyes:

Today I wore my old sweater waistcoat. I studded it two years ago. Now I see everybody on blogspot studding their garment. I mean, how original can you be?? Omg. I think I have a slight moment of superiority.

O no, I haven't. Too bad, it would give me some positive energy in this very negative atmosphere of credit crunch and test week [of course, two very comparable topics].

That reminds me of the following: I'm sick of myself not have any deep blog posts anymore. Just can't think of anything interesting or philosophical to talk about. Arg. Bugger.
Damn, it is definately time to get over with the rush and the stress.
I can't wait for the weekend to begin!! [I guess I already said that, but care.]

Gosh, what else is up?
Tiredness is up. I'm going to bed.

Llov&Peace on earth.