Tuesday, April 21, 2009

moving Pictures.

Warning: a hell lot of pictures in this post. Enjoy. (=

Before I'm going to tell you about Amsterdam, first this:
I found some outfits from last week. &I'll show 'em.

Tee - H&M.
Pants - Monki.
Waistcoat - New Look.
Scarf - H&M.
Belt - Virgin Megastore.
Shoes - Converse All Stars.

A bit different:

Jeans - H&M.
Shoes - Via Vai.

My weekend was very good, thanks very much.
Hmm.., I dunno what I shall tell about it..
My parents were gone all weekend, so Friday Peter came over to my house to babysit me. We played outside and baked muffins/cakes. How nice!

Saturday we had to get up early, 'cuz we headed to Amsterdam. Peter drove my mum's car: how bad can one spoil a girl. Hihi.
Anyway. We took a subway to my uncle's where we dropped off my dog, Zohra, then rushed with the subway to the HvA to go to a advisory service about the "orientation year" I really want to do next year. The way from the underground to the HvA we traveled with a vintage American school bus. That was so hot!

Waiting for the underground with Zohra.

Subway = woosh --> my supermodel. (=


Student containers near the HvA.

I had agreed to meet Jessica and Astrid Elisabeth and they were already there.
The advisory service was really good and I definately got some things clarified. Jess and I are definately going to do it: we just want to take some time to make a real good choice about our future studies and getting to know ourselves better. Besides, I'm pretty sick of school, so a year without sounds like heaven to me!
After the service Peter and I hit town. I showed him around Amsterdam. We saw the Waterloo square, of course the Red Light District [call me weird, but I just like the atmosphere there. It's always full of people! Never feel unsafe there], the Library of Amsterdam [i love that building, I think it's a piece of art and I wanted Peter to experience it as well]. We drank lovely chocolate coffee and mint tea and sneakily ate some of our cakes.

Me, taking pictures near the Library.

Amongst others from the sparkles in the water.

I agree, it doesn't look like a piece of art on the outside [it's nice, but not my style],
but inside it's amaaaaaazing: very spatial and white and modern and above everything: peaceful.

At the media/cd/dvd section. This space was big enough to throw cds & dvds downstairs. XD

No, it's not green tea. It's mint.

Then we went shopping, because Peter needed a coat for the summer. We succeded and actually ended up buying much more for him. He bought flipflops and a matching belt, a cool hat, wicked-awesome sunglasses [I tried them on some weeks ago, but they just don't match my face. Bugger], striking green/blue shoes and I bought a pair of funny-looking, pink shoes for only €5!
And, oh my God, so sweet: Peter bought me a pair of sunglasses, a head band and some hair clamps.
Here are the head band and the sun glasses:

Then we decided to pick up Zohra at my uncle who's apartment is practically facing Paradiso [lucky bastard]. After some apple juice and a "sirup waffle" [stroopwafel] we decided to go to he Vondelpark. We never made it there, but we ended up at the museum square-lawn watching crazy german Asians climbing up the huge letters saying 'I amsterdam'.

Zohra enjoying the museum square/lawn.

Peter [with new hat, sunglasses and coat] enjoying the museum square/lawn.

My new shoes enjoying the museum square/lawn.

We took the wagon to the Dam square and ate Thai food near "China town" [one street]. Then we made our way back home, 'cuz we were freakin' tired.
Sunday we sat in the grass all day, played games, ate loads of ice cream and cookies, cooked dinner and chatted with my mum and dad.
Damn, the weekend was awesome!

Something else: I found more pictures of the preliminary examination concert! I hope the quality is OK. On some of our computers it is, on others it isn't..

Tamar & Jessica.

Manon & Loes.

Jess & Dorieke.



Piece o' Jess, Door &moi.

Oh, I'm still euforic about it! Really liked the night and the pictures still make me proud! (=

I have this awkward feeling that I have known this song like, forever...
All American Rejects - Gives You Hell.

I love such videos that tell a story. This one is not very original though and the end is too fast compared to the rest of the video. But i just looooooove the song!

And this is what I have been wearing today [no cosmetics indeed]:

Tee/dress - ZARA basics.
Jeans - ONLY.
Blue apple socks - HEMA.
Scarf - self made.
Shoes - H&M.
Headband - Claire's.

The last one deserves kuddo's. No doubt about it.

Now I don't know what it's time for, bu I'm definately ready with this post. It's sooooo long already!

Llov&Peace on earth.