Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can we Pass over that in Silence, please?

No we cant,
'cuz I've got
new music in tha playah. That's so right!
1. Kensington - Man|Mission|Mayhem. [Bad quality + only about 1 minute. Couldn't get it otherwise, but I neeeeeded you to hear them. Known them for quite some time now, seen them live twice and I like them. &I just adore this picture of them.]


2. Silence is Sexy - Leave. [It was playing on my iPod today and they have been my favorite band for some time. First album is pretty dark, but oh my God, so good! Unfortunately it isn't for free on their website anymore, but their second album actually is and the first album is worth your money. I promise. You should check out their website anyway: ]

This is guitarist Pim. I made the pic on the release party of their first album.

3. Bonaparte - I Can't Dance. [They're crazy. Really want to see them alive and kicking.]
4. Ting Tings - Great DJ. [They're simplistic, but fun. This song isn't very well known. At least in the Netherlands..]

Nice, nice, nice:
[I love oversized? What do you mean by that?? lol.]

Absolute favorite:

Londonloves. For sure.

The weekend is coming! Whohoo!! (=

Llov&Peace on earth.