Sunday, April 12, 2009

accidental Haircut.

Aww! Thursday night was amazing. I had sooo much fun with Matta, Roel and I asked Peter to come along as well and it was great with the four of us! We went to The Troyan Horse [het Paard van Troje] in The Hague, we drank, danced, got home late, made a late night snack and went to sleep so to wake up late.
No, I don't have pictures of anything of that. I'm sorry.
Peter has pictures of the getting to and getting away from The Hague in the train. I'll have them soon. They vary from disgusting to funny to absurd to ugly to nice.
I hope I made you curious. ^^

Oh yeah! Thursday I accidentally decided to get my hair cut. Omg, my hair was so dead and the dye has grown out so bad. It was really neccesary. Everybody who sees me every day will agree on that. But ehm.., no I don't have pics for you. You'll see it on the pics I have to get from Peter.
Thursday was actually very much an accidental day. I also accidentally bought a skirt and a top from H&M so I immediately had an outfit to go out in.

That's all for now.
Tomorrow I'm seeing my love. Yay!

Llov&Peace on earth.