Thursday, March 05, 2009

Voodoo Adult.

[Click on the header for a Voodoo Child. I'm an adult now, sorry.]

Alright, I should have mentioned it, I am aware. So, I'll just as well mention it now: whohoo. It was my birthday yesterday.
I didn't "not-mention" it on purpuse. It's just that every year it sort of slips past my concience..

However, I'm mentioning it now, because I got two awesome gifts.
One from my boyfriend and one from Nicole.
Peter gave me a cube filled with pictures of us and of places we went to. It was sooooooo sweet. Now I have something lovely to look at every morning. =)
Nicole gave me an awesom gift! She made a funny poem and gave me a self-made voodoo doll. XD
I have no idea why on earth she gave it to me, but it's actually very cute.

And this is the poem:

Happy B-Day!
A birthday is a blessing,
A birthday is a curse.
But if you do not celebrate,
You will only make it worse.
So gather all you buddies,
And buy yourself a cake.
And enjoy this special birthday,
With the best smile you can fake.

It really made me think.
This year, I think I will celebrate my b-day. And I will really enjoy it, without a fake smile. ;)
But not yet. Now I'm still busy. And I want to celebrate it when the weather is better.
But I really will do it! Nicole's right: this is a special age [for all you losers: I turned 18, duh] and reason enough for a party.
You mustn't let the special things in life go by.
That's why I'm going to say the following:

I must really mention this. It makes me very happy and proud and feeling even more in love: yesterday Peter & I had our first "aniversary", ghehe.
We are together for a month now.
Yay! =D


&That's all, folks!

Llov&Peace on earth.