Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who you think I'm talking To?

[Click on header to watch/listen to Five O'Clock Heroes.]

Five O'Clock Heroes were amazing!! I really had the time of my life.
Haha! I somehow realize that in this way it looks like I'm franctic about every performance I go to, but that's not the case. I accidentally happen to go to two great concerts in one week.

Thursday I went to Jessica. We changed clothes and did our make up. I had to wait for Jess, so I made pictures of me and *dumdumdum* the tickets. [I hadn't seen the tickets before, 'cuz Jess had ordered them, since Five O'Clock Heroes [FOCH] was her b-day present for me. How sweet.]

Dress - H&M.
Tights - H&M.
Cardigan - America Today.
Yeah, it is my new dress, indeed. Ghehe.

We took Astrid-Elisabeth [As] with us, 'cuz we thought that might be fun.
Turned out it was really fun, indeed.
Before the concert we ate out at a Greek restaurant. Gooood food. Great fun [thanks to the Ouzo, too].

Then we headed for Tivoli de Helling [Utrecht] where the Heroes played. We arrived in time and waited and waited. Waiting is not boring. Definately not. It's a great time to make useless, but funny pictures. Alright, some of them are hideous, but CARE!

Who on earth doesn't want to have 3 beers??

Yeah, I had to laugh. As is too funny with such a face.

Then the support act began. Sometimes support acts really suck or do not correspond to the main act at all. Thursday, the support act was like.., wow! great! The band is called Moss and they're Dutch. They are signed at Exelcior Recordings [I regard Exelcior as one of the best Dutch recording company. They are pretty alternative and have artists signed like Alamo Race Track, Spinvis, zZz, Do-The-Undo and The Madd].
I really liked Moss' sound &I'll just post a video of them:

Moss - Lemon [Live].

To see more Moss, you should check out their MySpace:
Oh, and this is their bass player:

Their singer was looking really cool, but this picture is the only picture I made of Moss that was OK. Crappycam, jeweetzelluf.
Even though Moss was great. Jess, As & I couldn't help continueing making stupid pictures.
Here's more. ^^



At 9.30 the GREAT moment was about to begin: Five O'Clock Heroes came on stage.
Singer & guitar player Anthony Ellis was standing right in front of us, so I took some marvelous pictures of him. Pictures from the other band members aren't very good, but care. We had fun.
The Heroes played a lot of songs from their first album: Bend to the Brakes [which is a great album] and we danced until we could not feel our feet anymore. (=
It was so much fun and I felt so good. I never really care what other people think of me when I'm at a concert. As long as I'm not troubling anyone I'm alright. So we made the performance one big party and danced and jumped and had fun with the three of us.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
After the show we just chilled with some drinks. Astrid & I bought an album [As bought Bend to the Brakes & I bought Speak Your Language. And, whohoo, I received a free vynil single of 'White Girls'] and we took pictures with the band members.
Then it was time to go home, 'cuz I had to get up early the next day.
Here's pictures from & after the performance:

Bass player Adam Morse.

Lead guitarist Teddy Griffith.

Lead singer & 2nd guitarist Anthony Ellis.

Lalalalalalala. [no inspiration...] Lalalalala.

White light, tududududu, white light, tududududu.
[If you don't understand it: it's from a song. Gorillaz - White Light.]


Toilet art. It's so cute!

The original & supercool Le Coq Sportif Sneakers are Jessica's.

Concert girls. (=

Jess & As with guitarist Mike Hazard.

Anthony, me, peace, Astrid, Jess.

Jessica also made a great picture with her phone. I do have it, but it's on my mobile and I'm too lazy to get it off. Ghehe.
I'll just surprise you, one day. ^^

By the way, you might have heard it already, but I've got new songs in my player:
Justice vs. Simian - We Are Your Friends
Bayside - Duality [Project Alice Strings Remix].
Five O'Clock Heroes - Head Games.
Last Shadow Puppets - Meeting Place. <3
RJd2 - Ghostwriter.

Llov&Peace on earth.