Sunday, February 08, 2009

La Bitch est arrivé.

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That's right! I'm back from my weekend in Paris.
And, omg, I had so much fun! It was really great spending time with my parents. Like.., we really needed it.
Of course I made a lot of pictures. Like.., LOADS. I'm just amazed how many pictures I can make in such few time.
I'll try to make a humble overview, which will probably end up pretty big..

This is what we did.
We drove to Paris. It was my mother's birthday, so we decorated the car seat with colorfull paper-decoratory-thingies. She really liked it.
The journey took us approximately 5,5 hours. We arrived at about 2 PM. Spring had already arrived in Paris!! =D

We checked in at the hotel and then we walked to the famous cemetary: Père Lachaise.
On our way we bought cakes at a pâtisserie and we ate them on the cemetary to celebrate my mom's birthday. Call us crazy.

How to celebrate your 53rd b-day.

On our way to PL we saw bikes...

... like these. Chipknip bikes.

I felt so stylish, walking around with the cake box. XD

However, Père Lachaise is not a normal cemetary. It's catholic and therefore very outrageous and extravagant. Not really sad, certainly not Friday, due to the weather. It's a very special place to celebrate somebody's birthday. Look for yourself.

At Père Lachaise (PL).

Mum&Dad:"Knock-knock." "Who's there?"

Grave yard art.

R.I.P. Heineken.

We saw Jim Morrison's grave. If you don't know who he is, you're a cunt.
He's a rockstar singer who took an overdose in Paris and then got burried on Père Lachaise.

The cat was kind of guarding the grave.


Then we ate the cakes on PL. Dad & I brought little birthday candles with us and we surprised mummy with them. She thought it was really funny and had to laugh very hard.


I thought this was kind of artistic. Haha.

After Père Lachaise we went to the Sacre Coeur in the arty quartier of Mont Martre. We went into the big white church and just wandered around a little bit..

Mum &I in front of Sacre Coeur.

I have this kind of thing of dressing up when I'm in a metropolitan. Dunno why. Anonymousity..?
Sometimes I wear it to school as well. *grin*

We went to somewhere with the subway and had a bite. Then it was time to go to bed.

The crème, the crème, the crème is on fire.
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn.

The next day we went to La Musée du Louvre. Wow! It's impressive! Like.., their collection is so big, it's sick. Of course I saw the Mona Lisa. After all, I am a tourist.
Here are some random pics.


Freaking Japs!


Louvre inside out.

At a certain point everything became too much and I was quite done with it. That's when I started taking stupid pictures from anything but art.

From myself for instance.

And from a lantern.

They've got great security, by the way!

After the Louvre we sat down to eat & drink something. Whohoo! They had Starbucks!!
Of course, dad & I couldn't leave without some random Starbucks pics. Ghehe.

Caramel Machiato 4 life. Jwz.

We continued our journey to Lafayette. A warehouse compared to Harrods [London], Macy's [NYC] or KaDeWe [Berlin].

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.

After Lafayette we were tired, so we went to the hotel. Mum&Dad slept and I studied philosophy.
Crappyness. School's just going on and I have a philosophy test coming up...
At least it's better than a maths test.

Birthday candle terrorism at dinner.

Today mum took the crappy cam with her, 'cuz she went to a impressionistic museum.
I refused to go. Only thinking of impressionistic art makes me angry already.
I don't know why, but I find it so god damn ugly that it makes my mood turn like a leaf on a tree.
Anyway, dad also didn't feel like going to another museum, so he joined me. We both didn't want to take the GREAT [and heavy] camera with us, so we only had the analogue fisheye.
We took a lot of pictures, but we have to develop them. So that's no pictures of today.
I'll just tell you what we did.

We walked to Osay and dropped mum off. Then we walked through les Jardins the Tuillerie all the way to the Madeleine church and to Mont Martre where we had lunch. Then we walked all the way to Place de la Republique where we were to meet up with mummy, which we did.
Then we searched our car and went home.
That's it.

What's more..?

Song of this weekend: Bayside - If You're Bored.
It's kinda sad, but so beautiful! =')
[No official video.]

Llov&Peace on earth.