Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holy Mary mother Jesus!

Arg. I'm so bad at keeping promises.
I did not post anything this weekend and I'm terribly sorry.
I had a great weekend and a good start of my holiday, though. Perhaps that's why I didn't post anything. Reality was so good, I didn't need to escape it by means of blogging. Ghehe.
So what did I do?

Saturday was my dad's birthday. My mum and I made an exclusive breakfast and performed a little play in which we took proverbs very literally. We had a lot of fun!
In the evening I went over to my boyfriend. It was very relaxed and lovely. We fooled around, cooked dinner, went to the bar [Peter works there and I had to sit down an look very much in love at him] and we talked a lot since it was not very busy, then we went to bed and slept until 11 AM. We had a nice breakfast: Peter baked us croissants. How sweet. (=
Although it was raining, we decided to go out for a walk, which was pretty fun. We went into a bunker near fort Rhijnauwen and made some nice pictures.

Then I had to head for home, 'cuz my dad was celebrating his b-day for friends and family.
It was nice. Matta and his family were there as well. =)

Monday was Kaiser Chiefs time. I had been longing for the concert for ages and the Kaisers didn't disappoint me at all. It was so freaking awesome!! I went with my dad and Astrid-Elisabeth & I took the crappy cam. It really proved its name true: the pictures suck. -_-
Kaisers had two support acts: Rigby [NL] & Dananananakroyd [GB].
One may know Rigby from the Dutch radio channel 3FM. They're quite alright. Check it out:

Rigby - Parade

Dananananakroyd followed. 5 guys and a girl from Glasgow [a city I adore] making freaking cool music. They are working two drum kits on stage. At some time in their performance, one of the singers asked the greatest thing I ever heard a performer ask [imagine this in a Scottish accent]: "Hey everyone. Are you chemically balanced?"
Btw, both their drummers/singers look like Jack from 'Will & Grace'. Check one of them:

Near the end of their performance they created a "wall of hugs" [instead of a wall of death] in the audience. Brilliant motherfuckers! An impression of their performance [but in real life even better]:

Dananananakroyd - [Song] One Puzzle

[Crappy quality, indeed.]

Then the time came that Kaiser Chiefs were about to perform.
I have to say: there are no words to describe their performance. It was like.., superfuckingwickedawesome!
Great quality of sound, great performance, great energy from both the band and the crowd, just.., everything!
Oh, &I almost fell down. That was pretty scary, but it sound cool, though. xD
Some pictures [as I already said, they're not very good..]:


Today I went to Amsterdam. I would go with Nadine & Renate, but we had some sort of miscomunication, so I ended up going alone and Nadine & Renate not going at all. Pitty, but I'm pretty good in entertaining myself in a city. (=
I bought some looooooooovely stuff:
  • LBD by H&M. Layered & with a polka dot on the lace. It's pretty well-known I think and it doesn't seem to sell very well in the Netherlands, since it is in stores for ages now...
  • Verrrrrry pink dress from ZARA. Pretty simple and pretty [very] striking, but so adorable.
  • Loooooooong, black tee from ZARA. Can easily pass for some sort of dress.
  • Looooooooong, long-sleeved & striped tee from ZARA. Searching for such a shirt [and the previous] for ages, and my hard work finally payed off. Whohoo.
  • Shiny, black leggings. I have been planning to buy them for ages, but some way I never did. Looks great underneath the previous two items.
I only want a pair of [fake] Doc Martens, now. They would look so great with the striped shirt and the leggings...
Yeah, I keep setting goals. Ghehe.

And yeah, I promised fisheye pictures. I know. But I'm not gonna do them now; I'm so tired.
I'm not even going to promise anything about them anymore, ever!
I'll might just surprise you one day. ^^

Tomorrow I'm seeing Five O'Clock Heroes live @ Tivoli de Helling. Jessica & Astrid-Elisabeth are coming along. I'm exited!! Taking my fisheye and crappy cam with me.

That's enough for now, isn't it?
Enjoy your holiday. (=

Llov&Peace on earth.