Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good times: coming back my Way! (=

Aye!! Today was my last day at my heavy therapy. Whohoooooo!!
From next week on, I will be following therapy one morning a week, instead of two days a week. I'm so happy!
What's more important: I'm confident!
Let the good times come back my way!
The girls at therapy gave me great -imaginable & real - presents. I really, really, really appreciated it. =)


Gosh, I need an LBD!!
Does anybody now a brand which has a cool one in the collection?
Just some random thought, sorry.

Another random thing: new fisheye photo's are in my possesion. ^^
They're really cool. I made them at Jaya (of which I have to post pictures, anyway. Shame, shame), at Paris. There's a great one of my dad and me. Hilarious.
Yeah, I know I'm making you curious. Just keep reading my blogs. Ghehe.

Current addiction: Fruit Bats - When U Love somebody.

And that's all.
Holidays are coming up.
&I think I'll do a post this weekend..

Llov&Peace on earth.