Tuesday, February 10, 2009

40 licks for my Love.

Today Marloes brought ski glasses to school to give to Nienke. Nicole & I undermined them, 'cuz we thought they were god damn stylish.

Pretty sexy, huh? ^^
What's more: they're pretty emo, too!
Or perhaps it's scene..

I tried to do something with my eyes, but you don't see it, 'cuz my fringe is too long.

Then Nicole stole my bow tie and put it on. I made a bow tie of my arafat scarf and we made a picture.
It wasn't our best photo day. Haha.

What's more....?
I brought my second role of fisheye photos to the HEMA to be developed.
Shame on me, I didn't even show you the pics of my first role, yet.
Anytime soon, now. I promise!!

This is what I wore.

I am wearing:
40 licks t-shirt - ONLY.
Cardigan - America Today.
Pants - Episode.
Scarf - Stand along canal in Utrecht.
Bow tie [in hair] - Episode.
Killer heels - H&M.

And this picture is too dark, but I like it, anyway. Hihi.

That's it. I have to somehow create a speech about a scientist for my German class tomorrow.

Oh, my father wanted me to post this on my blog:

It's a fragment from a painting in the Louvre and my dad was kind of franctic about it..
It's rather cute, I must admit.
Besides, it's on my side since a week. =)
That's right. I'm in love. ^^

Llov&Peace on earth.