Friday, January 09, 2009

Worst Picture Ever.

I have received yesterday's pictures by Nicole! Whohoo!!
I'm not going to place all of them, but I wanted to pay some extra attention to our self-titled: Worst Picture Ever 1 & 2.
When we shot the IB movie *dumdumdum*, Nicole took a picture of Mark and me and it was so freaking ugly that we decided to call it the "Worst Picture Ever".
I'm doing this with pain in my heart, but I'll show it to you:


I didn't exegarate, right? It's god d*mn ugly!
Well, yesterday, since we were bored at IB, we decided to try to make a Worst Picture Ever II, but Mark & I switched faces. I did his face from the Worst Picture Ever I and he did mine.
This is what came out of it:

OK, we suck at re-doing pictures, but overall it's way better! Mark's face suits me. We should always switch faces from now on!

Just to make you feel better after these shocking pictures, I'll post another picture Nicole made, which I really like.
I think Mark & I are both looking good on it. =)

Err.., so what did I do today? I went to Joost, working on our PWS, but I think we have done more chatting [about certain things, hihi] than working..
Not much going on for the rest..

Some great tunes came by on iTunes tonight! I'll make a list of the coolest 10.

1. Five O'Clock Heroes ft. Agyness Deyn - Who
2. Angus & Julia Stone - Silver Coin
3. Joe Jackson - I'm the Man
4. David Bowie - Fill Your Heart
5. The Coral - Shadow Fall
6. CAKE - Daria
7. The Kinks - Lola
8. Adam Green - Momus
9. Impossible Situations - Cum
10. XTC - Senses Working Overtime. [Yes, I named my URL to this song, indeed.]

I'm not going to say anything about the songs, except that you should listen to them!!

I quote myself: "Hmm.., I wanted to do something with blur pictures, but fotoflexer doesn't seem to be willing to co-operate.." ilovevynilrecords, 1/09/2009 06:02:00 PM
Tonight, thank God, Fotoflexer was willing to obey me. Now I can show you what I was trying to do with the blur pictures, which I mentioned in my previous blog.
Ta-dah! This is Tripple Blur.

It's a bit small.., yeah. Oh, care! It's looking quite cool right? ^^

The day's done for me. I posted my blog and that's all that counts. ;P

Llov&Peace on earth.

P.S. New Songs on my Player. I got crazy from 'Cold Hands Warm Heart' [though I still love it].
Currently in player:
Late of the Pier - Focker;
Five O-Clock Heroes & Agyness Deyn - Who;
The Kooks - Mr. Maker.