Sunday, January 04, 2009

The worker.

[Click on header to view 1979 Video. I adore this song. Always makes my day!]


School is taking up EVERYTHING! It's like this huge sponge that comes into your life. Suckes everything out of it and leaves you with an empty feeling..
I have been working so freaking hard and I just have the feeling like nothing's changed. There's still so much to do..

Anyway. You might have already made up for yourself that this Christmas, was my worst holiday ever.. I was planning on doing fun things with friends and catching up with school, because I really needed that.
But, well.., my holiday consisted mainly of doing things for the cremation of my uncle. And when I had a spare second, I did stuff for school.

Thank God I also needed to make a film for IB, which was with three class mates: Nicole, Emilie & Mark [while writing it down, I realise that all of them have English names: Nicole, Emily & Marc.] So I had some social contact this holiday.
That makes me not a complete loner.
It was, great, great fun! We have been laughing out loud.
Here are some pics for you.
I took the crappy cam, so I obviously edited them. Now they're ugly anyway. Ghehe.

My hat on Nicole's head.

The happy couple: Mark & his reporter boyfriend.

Happy Hooligan Couple.

Jojo'ing is fascinating.


Wanna make out? ^^

Suzy Suicide. XD


Groupielufs. <33>

I took my fisheye camera as well, and I blinded the fish of Emilie's brother with it. So pityful!
I am anxious to know what the pictures will look like, but hey! it's analogue (equals old, equals slow), so we'll have to wait 'till the role of the camera is full & developed..

As I told you, Saturday, I went to Amsterdam with Charissa, which was lovely!
I didn't buy any clothes, which made me a little bit moody. I also didn't buy a black bag, which made me even more moody, because my bag I currently use will be falling apart anytime soon.. =S
Fortunate Charissa often cheers me up, but I think she doesn't even notice herself. Haha. Anyway, Saturday she did it again. =)
However, I bought a ring and these bracelets.
Did some study on it.. =)

I heart.

More photo study on my sleeping pills on my bed side lamp:

Now I'm tired and a bit sad, so I'm going to write in my diary, listen to 'The Time Warp', take a sleeping mint and then I'll just turn around and start dreaming.

'till anytime soon. Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps later this week.

Llov&Peace on earth.