Thursday, January 01, 2009


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Happy New Year to y'all!!
The perfect song to start MY New Year with:

Tell me what's yours! ^^

Although my New Year's Eve wasn't great [I didn't quite feel like party'ing after cremating my uncle], but it was OK, quite nice with my parents and the telly. =)

Well, I can only say: be happy, eat healthy & drive safe.
I hope 2009 will be a great year for everybody with a lot of happiness, love, power, music and fashion. ;P

I don't want this post to be boring, so I'm scrolling through my pictures to see if I can find any pictures for you.

Oh here!
Saturday 20th of December I went to the woods again, along with Peter. We made some pictures.
These are mine. They're of the heath again. But these are much more sad..

They're actually the only three pics I made that day. Shame on me. I know..

Peter made some more: he took his camera when we climbed up our tree.

Me in the tree.


Peter can walk on air!! (Love his old Vans, btw.)

I got a picture of Peter, too. But I don't know if he likes me putting in on my blog, so I rather don't..

Speaking of the woods. Great song: Space and the Woods by Late of the Pier.

Err.., what did I do, what did I do..?
I did some things for my "PWS". It's some kind of HUGE essay which counts for my final exam. Everybody has to do it in NL. It's fun & interesting, but very tiring..

And, yeah, my uncle died, so I had to do so much stuff to get things going..
Saturday I went to Amsterdam with my dad to hand out cards for Johnny's friends at the Waterloo Square, where he worked. They had made some sort of altar in front of his stand.
Very touching. =3

Yesterday was the cremation, which was a perfect fit for John. Good overview of his life, good speeches: very touching. And we played his favorite music.
I did a speech also. I found it very hard, but I am very glad I did it. This morning I woke up with a very good feeling; very satisfied. =)

Now, I'm just going to end this post, because my week was sad and not interesting and I'm tired and tomorrow I have to make a movie for IB. =] I'll take my Fish Eye cam.
Enjoy your first night of the New Year. ;)

Llov&Peace on earth [also in 2009]