Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Scotlandman in Amsterdam.

[Click on header to see to what song it's referring to. ^^]

Hahahahaha! We've got some pretty sadistical animal lovers here, at home.

No, it's not original, we admit, but it's always fun. Zohra hates it.
Aww... =']

I discovered PolyVore.
You can make sets of clothes. It's cool, but it makes you so greedy. I wish I would have more money to buy more clothes!! *tripping*
As if there aren't enough in my closet already.. Ghehe.
Preppy meets Punk.
Preppy meets Punk. door ilovevynilrecords

Does anybody have an idea how to best rip up your skinny's?? I can't seem to make cool cuts..


Here's a random thing: I was just talking to an Englishman on the phone!
Ooh, I think I'm offending him now. He wasn't actually English, he was from Edinburgh, so that makes him a Scottsman.
He called for my mum, to tell her he's sorry for us, about John. But I was home alone, so he commiserated to me instead.
He was really kind! We talked for about half an hour..
He told me John had told him about me and that I wanted to go studying in Scotland and he offered to help me! He had been a teacher, but resigned, because he set up a business in vynil records. So cool.
He's coming to Amsterdam in May and he wants to drink coffee with me then! Really looking foraward to it already.

I'm going over to Matta's (Maarten) tonight to have dinner with both our parents. I'll take my cam &see what wicked scenes it will lead to.

Off we go, love!

Llov&Peace on earth.