Friday, January 09, 2009

Just One hour of Excitement out of these 24

[Click on header to enjoy some exitement.]

I <3 IB.
But I most <3 the people in my IB class.
Today we did some fooling around in groups and I was with Mark, Nicole & Emilie and we were quite done with our task. So we made pictures, because Nicole & I had our cams with us.
I am still waiting on Nicole to send me her pictures, but I'll show you mine already. =)
Note: they're somewhat foolish.
Oh! And I had a little Czech Moment. XD Only some people know what I mean.
Explanation: on many photo's made on our IB trip to the Czech Repulblic I "fake lick" somebody. Mark seemed to like it today..
Evidence on:

For real: I'm so bored, I don't know what to do with my bottle..

Our ideal way to spend IB:

To take revenge on Wout for stealing and putting on my coat last week, I stole his communist hat/purse this morning.
It looks great on me. Like.., really flattering. XD

This is what I wore today.
I put on a dress this morning which was - obviously - too cold, but I was tired of putting a cardigan over it. They're SO 2008..
So I pulled a sweater out of a pile of [neatly folded] clothes.

Sweater - America Today.
Dress - H&M.
"Uggs" - New Look.
Scarf - Stand along the canal in Utrecht.
Tights - Pieces.
Head band - dunno.

Hmm.., I wanted to do something with blur pictures, but fotoflexer doesn't seem to be willing to co-operate..

Anyway.... Wasn't it looking great outside??

Times will be busy. I'm going to do fewer posts for the next two/three weeks.

Llov&Peace on earth.