Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a theory, Philosophyyyyyyyy!!

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Fucked up. I'm ill.
I was already ill at my previous blog, but Wednesday I just went to school.
And since Thursday I'm stuck again on the couch in my "being-ill-outfit" [not worthy posting on blogspot].
Bwuh. It sucks, because I need to do sooooooo many things. Next week is my week full of tests and this week was also pretty uptight..

And I wanted to do a blog so bad about my philosophy lesson last Wednesday!!
I had started already, but I was too tired & ill to finish it. It started like this:

"Ghehe, I'm going to be sentimental again.
And yes, it's Wednesday, that's philosophy day.

Today we went over some things we've done in the past period."

That's all. Then I felt like sleeping.
Anyway, I'll just continue.

So we went over some things we've done in the past period.
We came to the point that August Comte said that the history of philosophy was devided in three parts:
  • the theological era (people explain happenings by Gods: thunder is caused by the German god Thor, our faith is in the hands of God, etc);
  • the metaphicisal era (Emmanuel Kant, kept himself busy with the science that questions the real 'being'. Asking questions such as 'why are we on earth?', 'why do we die?', 'who am I?');
  • the positivistic era (we can only rely on statements that are empirical verifiable).
Mr. vT. clarified this with a personal example.
vT's mother died 2 months ago, and his father was a very sad man ever since. He actually only wanted to be dead.
Some days ago, that wish came true.
Mr. vT and his brother and sister were preparing the funeral and his sister said: "I believe daddy is happy now. He is with mummy, in Heaven."
His brother stated: "that's nonsense."
Mr. vT. said: "I don't know."

This is the link with our lesson:
Mr. vT's sister represents the theological era: she believes her father is with her mother in Heaven, with God.
Mr. vT's brother is a positivist: he says it's nonsense that his father's in Heaven, because there is no empirical evidence for it.
Mr. vT. himself represents the metaphysisist. He doesn't know where his father is, because Emmanuel Kant stated that men can't know everything. He can only sense 'das Ding für mich' and not 'das Ding an sich'.
[Gosh, you probably have no idea if you haven't studied philosohpy. 'scuse me.]

Anyway, this is not what made me sentimental. It was the following.
Mr. vT. stated he was a metaphysisist, but he added that he wished his sister was right.
He wished that his father was happy in Heaven with his mum and that they were sitting on a bench in a beautiful garden, just loving each other.
It made me cry, because that's exactly where I hope John is, at the moment. That he and my grandfather, his best friend, will be reunited in some place people call Heaven and that they are happy.
I guess I will not know untill my time has come.
'till then I can only philosophize about it.

Time for funner things. Being ill is a drag, so you need to entertain yourself.

And surprise, surprise!
The View has a cool gadget for us. Totally for free! <3
The View.

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Bwuh, I'm working on my Written Task now. It's for my final IB exam and it needs a lot of work and effort, so I'm going to continue now. I'm doing very well, actually. =)
I'm writing a column to clarify my statement why it's a good thing that documentary films are becoming more populair.
It's in English and I think I will put it on this blog when the exams are all said and done.

Llov&Peace on earth.