Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm on the run to wherever You are.

I'm tired.
I'm always tired when I write this blog. XD
Perhaps I should write it overday, sometime. Just for you to read something refreshing. ^^

Anyway, it was philosophy day today!
Last hour philosophy. We watched 'As it is in Heaven', which is a great, swedish movie. I strongly recommend.
Anyway, I needed to ask something about my PWS to mr. vT and Sem was with me. Then we had a pretty long conversation about some philosophical things, which was very nice.
Most of all, because mr. vT, not very young anymore, has this young boy's fantasy that "the truth" exists. For people who don't do philosophy, you must see "the truth" as something like true love or like there's something universal that every single human being believes to be good.
Instead of my theory that there is no truth [I don't actually know, I'm not old enough to judge, but this is what I contradicted mr. vT with], because we are all individuals and we all look at things differently. We all have another image of what is good and what is true beauty, because we're all different.
This is sad, of course, because if we don't have the same idea about what's good, we will never have world peace.
So that's why it just makes me happy to hear that an old, wise man like mr. vT believes such things. =)

When I came home I was all alone. I had to have dinner on my own as well, but I was so tired, I didn't feel like cooking. Eventually, I grabbed myself together, put on my chef cook hat, put on some music by Keane and started to create a modest meal.
Why I am saying this is because I just wanted to tell you that I really love Keane since a few day although I have the album for over a year now.
Shame on me for all the Keane lovers reading.
But on their second album is a song that is my battle cry: Nothing In My Way. It's just a great song which I relate to and which makes me fill with happiness. =)
I have been playing that record [Under the Iron Sea.] all day, since yesterday night.
I heart.

Just wanted to show you what I was wearing today.

A-line shirt - H&M.
Skirt/top - Vero Moda.
Tights - H&M.
Boots - Tommy Hilfiger.
Scarf - Invito.
Bracelets - River Island.
Head band - dunno.

My mum bought me these skirts which you can use as a top as well. I always used them as tops, because I thought they made my legs look FAT. But yesterday night I put them on and it looked actually OK. So, concerning my eating disorder, I was actually very proud to wear them, now that I am on my final weight. My treatment officers say I'm on the weight I have to be, to be a healty girl. And first I felt fat and grose, but I'm slowly getting used to it and over the past 1,5 week I'm slowly feeling more confortable in my own skin.
it doesn't mean I'm 100% healthy now. ;) It takes a lot of time to recover from an eating disorder, but I'm doing pretty good, if I may say so myself.

Llov&Peace on earth.