Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I never promised you a Rose garden. I promised you pictures!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!! I picked my first fisheye pictures up today! They are so wickedawesomecool!
I cannot upload them now, because our scanning machine isn't connected, but in my previous post, I promised you my ten best concert pictures.
They're not in a particular order. I can't say which picture of concert I like[d] better..

Hendrik-Jan & Barry from Silence is Sexy, Grolsch Grote Prijs 2006, Melkweg

Brendan Benson & Jack White from The Raconteurs, Lowlands 2006

Penny from The Automatic, Tivoli Oude Gracht, 14/04/2007

James Mercer & Eric D. Johnson from The Shins, Lowlands 2007

Chris Edwards from Kasabian, Lowlands 2007

Kaiser Chiefs, Heineken Music Hall, 15/11/2007

Luke Crowter from The Rifles, Tivoli de Helling, 11/04/2008

SoKo (right) is guest performer at Kate Nash's show @ deBeschaving, 30/08/2008

Janove Sjakalen from Kaizers Orchestra @ deBeschaving 30/08/2008

Adam Green, ready to crowdsurf after guest performance at Babyshambles @deBeschaving, 30/08/2008

By the way I've got good news. Twice! I didn't tell this to many people yet, I don't know why..
Good news 1: I'm going to Paris very soon!! I'm so excited. Does anybody know cool places/sights I definately must see??
Good news 2: 12/02 I'm doing my last "heavy" therapy and from 19/02 I'm going back to a lighter form of therapy. Instead of 2 days in the week, I'll do only one morning of therapy.
It's so great! I'm really, really, really pleased about it. I definately think I can do it, already.

That's all folks!

Llov&Peace on earth.