Friday, January 16, 2009

I am the cosmeticless Sleepyhead.

OH MY GOD! I spent my whole night on that fucking Written Task for IB! I was exhausted by the time I got to bed, which was 2.30 AM. No wonder I'm tired now.
I'll only post this blog and then I'm off to bed.

I recieved my T with Palestina scarf by Sustilo today!!
Some posts ago it was on my wishlist: link.
And this is how it looks on me:
[Pictures are all black&white, because I was in a b/w mood today. It doesn't matter, because all my clothes were black, white and grey.]

No make up in the weekends.


Open up.

Put shoes on.

My face is dumb in this picture.

Much better.

Tee - Hee for Sustilo.
Cardigan - America Today.
Leggings - H&M.
Belt - H&M Kids.
Socks - New Look.
Shoes - Converse, All Star.

Damn right: I was wearing a bimbo tail today. Ghehe.

This dude's cool. I'm gonna copy him.

When I move out of my parent's home, I'm getting a tattoo done.
Curious? I've drawn it for you. ^^

But then a little bit different. It should be filled in with "a red pencil".
Like this:

I'm not sure about the spot. I'm doubting whether I will do it on my foot or on my wrist.
What do you think?

The first image looks better, actually, after I had photoshopped it.

I found this very, very, very cute video of a baby monkey on MySpace. It's so sweet!!

Teeny Tiny Baby Monkey

That little tongue! Aww..!
&The music's so dumb that it's cool.

And that's all I got to say and show you. I'm busy working on my SET-week (week only filled with tests and exams), so, yeah.., my life's boring at the moment.
Hopefully, Matta & Stijn are coming by tomorrow in Stijn's 2nd Mini Cooper.
I'm exited. =)

Llov&Peace on earth.