Saturday, January 31, 2009



So this is what we did Thursday on therapy: getting as much girls as possible in one car. Haha!

No, we had to go out for lunch, which was delicious & great fun!

And this is what I wore yesterday. I made the pics while studying IB.

Cardigan - H&M.
Jeans - ONLY.
Vest - H&M.
Scarf - Invito.
Shoes - Vans "Off the Wall".

And this is what I did at school: be bored 1st hour.

Now I have to study & then I'm going to Roel's. &then we're going to Peter's, &then Roel & I are going to Ekko to see Jaya the Cat with Sem & Niels & perhaps other dudes.
I'm exited. I'll take my cam, so you can enjoy it, too, later. ;]

Here's some Jaya already:

Closing time.

Llov&Peace on earth.