Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good days, Bad Rain.

As Kaiser Chiefs sang: there's good days and bad days. And today was a gooooooood day. Yesterday also, btw.
[for the KC song, click on the header. Not official video, but the "fan art edition", which is really wicked. Made by Tim Blackwell; close friend/roadie-ish guy of Chiefs.]

Yesterday I had my oral for the IB exam, which was nerve wrecking. Just not funny anymore! It was because last year I scored 5 out of 10 and yesterday was like..., official. So I could not afford an insufficient.
Anyway, in the end they said I did better then last year, which means I have at least a sufficient mark for it. You can understand: I was happy!!!

Today I had to do my mathematics test from last period, which went really well. After that I went to Utrecht to wonder around and do some shopping.
Yes, despite my test week, I could afford a day off. Tomorrow I'm going to therapy, so no tests for me then and Friday I cannot really learn for my tests.
Damn, I was already at 10.45 in Utrecht. The city is pretty dead then, but that's wonderful.
I bought a shitload of things. I'm so happy. Last time I went shopping, I couldn't find anything that I liked.
Yeah, shame on me to worry about such things, sorry. But here's the thing: it's anoying to shop with an eating disorder. Not many things look good on you then.. =(

Anyway, today it did! I bought a grey jeans, a dark grey cardigan with bat sleeves [I don't even know if that's a word. Well.., they are like.., veeeeeeeeery wide sleeves], two belts: one pink, one green [and the only things colourful and not from the fashion imporium, h&m], a white vest and two, similar white shirts, oversized. To one of the white shirts I'm going to do the following:

... as I already predicted in my previous blog.
I'm a real copy cat.
I want to copy this as well:

Yeah, I know, it is a real big hit on blogspot, but I'm absolutely in love with this idea by Alexander Wang. I think it looks pretty rock'n'roll and that's what I like! ^^
Unfortunately, I don't have a pair of jeans that I dare to rip up. So I wanted to buy a really cheap pair of jeans in sale today, but I couldn't find an appropriate..
Too bad, better luck next time. Got my fake Chanel project now!

&This song made me even happier today:
Devotion & Desire by Bayside.

Fuck the bass player. He can't play properly.

Cheers for now! I'm going to do some Chanel faking.

Llov&Peace on earth.