Sunday, January 25, 2009

Concerts & Football tops.

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Wow! I saw something beautiful this morning.
Actually, it was early midday, but for me it was morning. Besides, the sun shone like if she were just out of bed and the air made a wonderful contribution to that.
I was on the bus, just coming back from Peter's, where I had spend the night watching black&white movies and having fun, and as I was getting nearer to the centre of Utrecht, the bus overloaded with supporters from the Dutch soccer club FC Utrecht.
I was like: whatever.

But then, bang! something caught my eye. Loads and loads of people were forming a crowd and were heading to the FC Utrecht staduim. It looked so old fashioned. Most of the people were there by foot and all together they looked like a swarm of ants, gathering at their antshill, serving the Queen.
It also looked a bit like a demonstration. People were carrying flags on bicycles and mopeds...
Anyway, I found it fascinating. A swarm of people on my lazy Sunday afternoon, coming together and supporting their soccer favorite.
It made me very happy.

Hmm.., not much more to tell, actually. I think I will attach a picture to keep your eyes peeled..

I'm waiting for my fisheye pictures to be developed. Until then:

Love her hair + analogue and fisheye effect.

Oh, I'm super exited over the fact that I'm having three concerts planned!
Next Saturday [31-01] I'm going to see Jaya the Cat in Ekko, Utrecht with Sem, Niels & Roel and perhaps some other folks.
February 16th is set aside for Kaiser Chiefs, along with my daddy! (=
And then the Thursday after that, the 19th, I'm doing Five O'Clock Heroes with Jessica.
Oh, how I'm longing!

Of course I'll take my camera with me and this got me to the idea of another blog: my top 10 of concert pictures I ever made.
Here's a preview already:

Simon Rix of Kaiser Chiefs, 15-11-2007, Heineken Music Hall.

So, be warned! Keep an eye on my blog.

That's all the flubadiduwab for now, folks!

Llov&Peace on earth.