Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back in the USSR.

[Click on header & go to 2.35 minutes for some live, cultural education.]

Hmm.., don't got too much to say today...

1st Day of school since the holidays. It was OK.
It sucks to tell everybody that my holiday was crap, but well.., that's just the way it is.
It makes it better to be back at school! (=

Wout stole my coat and with his hat he looked very much like some important, freaky, USSR officer. XD
I took a picture of him and edited it. I must say: it looks great! I would almost believe it, if he would just take that grin off his face.

I did some photography with the crappy cam.

The last picture is rather symbolic. I saw that later. I just took the books on purpose. Just to make my camera stand higher.
The books represent the periods in my life.

The first is a book about Tarot. I had this period in which I was about to become gothic and I was interested in witchcraft and similar things.
The second book is a biography about Madonna. I was a huge fan. I read the whole book, which wasn't objective at all. But I thought - due to this biography - that she was great and she was an inspiration to me. It was about 5 or 4 years ago and I was realising that Secondary School was about being popular. [No, I don't think that anymore. I'm done with watching High School Movies like Mean Girls for quite some time now. ;)]
The third book is Bono's biography. After my Madonna-period, I became a huge fan of U2. U2 was already a bit more serious than Madonna. They lay a very heavy weight on religion and they do a lot of charity. I started thinking more about life.

The book that's on top [Shakespear] is the last period, in which I'm becoming an adult.
I'm learning about Shakespear in school and his plays and Sonnets are serious and heavy. Just like my life at the moment.
Besides the tragic, Shakespear's plays consist puns and jokes. Just like my life: I still have a great time with my friends and my parents, but the main events in my life are tragic: eating disorder, uncle died, friendship lost, dying grandmother, etc.
It doesn't mean that I'm grieving all the time. I'm still in for the fun! =D

Sorry for the emotional shizzle. Couldn't help it.
Perhaps it's good for you to know what going on in my mind. ;)

Time for easier things now.
I got a gadget on this blog. Whohoo! I think you already noticed.
Some sweet tunes of Brendan Benson came out of your speakers when you started reading this blog, huh? ^^
If you don't like it, turn it off, check out The Raconteurs [band of Brendan together with Jack White (White Stripes). They're wickedsuperawesome!] and wait until I will change the song on my profile.

&This is what I wore:And with my face. ^^
&My All Stars. (=

Wild at hair, wild at heart.

Didn't know what to do with this picture. Light sucked.. It's quite OK now. =)



Shy. (=

Rubber Duck. I just feel like Ernie.

Blazer - H&M.
Long Sleeve Tee - America Today.
Jeans - Only.
Shoes - Converse All Star.
Scarf - Stan along canal in Utrecht.
Braclets - River Island.
Head band - dunno.
Socks - Good Look.
Me - Mum&Dad. [Sorry, couldn't help it.]


It became a long post after all..
Guess what??

I'm done.

Fuck you.

I'll be sweet next time.. (A)