Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in the Ol' Days.

The ball game heads for the worse,
for what it's worth I might just fall off the edge of the earth,

brain's kinda surfing now

- The Streets - Too Much Brandy. -

Cool song & I feel like this now.
No, i didn't do any mushrooms, but I feel so terribly ill. My brain is definately kind of surfing now..

Matta's was fun Sunday. I went there by bus with Zohra. I made some cool pictures of her at the bus stop.

Both our families were there including some dude-friend of Matta with a mini Cooper: Stijn. (Haha, all those Dutch names!)

You're asking me: who the hell is Matta??
Well.., Matta is an artist, more well known as Roberto Matta.
However, that's not the Matta I'm talking about. I'm talking about MY Matta.
And this is him.

Rawwr. Gorgeous, right.
I don't have any recent pictures of him. You should check
out his hyves [<< link] for that.
His actual name is Maarten by the way, and he is almost my oldest & closest friend.

That's right: I found pictures from the early days!! ^^ Got some on camera for you. It's pretty louzy photography, but I'm too lazy and ill to scan them.
I hate that job.
Here they are:

Me & both my Granddads.

Dad & me in France.

Music addict already. Ghehe.

Never changed.
Look at me, I'm wonderful, scooby-scooby-doah. [That's a song.]

Stylish already: All Stars. <3>

That's all for now, folks!
Got to get some German in my head by tomorrow.
Being ill sucks.

Llov&Peace on earth.