Saturday, January 31, 2009



So this is what we did Thursday on therapy: getting as much girls as possible in one car. Haha!

No, we had to go out for lunch, which was delicious & great fun!

And this is what I wore yesterday. I made the pics while studying IB.

Cardigan - H&M.
Jeans - ONLY.
Vest - H&M.
Scarf - Invito.
Shoes - Vans "Off the Wall".

And this is what I did at school: be bored 1st hour.

Now I have to study & then I'm going to Roel's. &then we're going to Peter's, &then Roel & I are going to Ekko to see Jaya the Cat with Sem & Niels & perhaps other dudes.
I'm exited. I'll take my cam, so you can enjoy it, too, later. ;]

Here's some Jaya already:

Closing time.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I never promised you a Rose garden. I promised you pictures!

[Click on header for punk.]

Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!! I picked my first fisheye pictures up today! They are so wickedawesomecool!
I cannot upload them now, because our scanning machine isn't connected, but in my previous post, I promised you my ten best concert pictures.
They're not in a particular order. I can't say which picture of concert I like[d] better..

Hendrik-Jan & Barry from Silence is Sexy, Grolsch Grote Prijs 2006, Melkweg

Brendan Benson & Jack White from The Raconteurs, Lowlands 2006

Penny from The Automatic, Tivoli Oude Gracht, 14/04/2007

James Mercer & Eric D. Johnson from The Shins, Lowlands 2007

Chris Edwards from Kasabian, Lowlands 2007

Kaiser Chiefs, Heineken Music Hall, 15/11/2007

Luke Crowter from The Rifles, Tivoli de Helling, 11/04/2008

SoKo (right) is guest performer at Kate Nash's show @ deBeschaving, 30/08/2008

Janove Sjakalen from Kaizers Orchestra @ deBeschaving 30/08/2008

Adam Green, ready to crowdsurf after guest performance at Babyshambles @deBeschaving, 30/08/2008

By the way I've got good news. Twice! I didn't tell this to many people yet, I don't know why..
Good news 1: I'm going to Paris very soon!! I'm so excited. Does anybody know cool places/sights I definately must see??
Good news 2: 12/02 I'm doing my last "heavy" therapy and from 19/02 I'm going back to a lighter form of therapy. Instead of 2 days in the week, I'll do only one morning of therapy.
It's so great! I'm really, really, really pleased about it. I definately think I can do it, already.

That's all folks!

Llov&Peace on earth.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Concerts & Football tops.

[Click on header for referred song.]

Wow! I saw something beautiful this morning.
Actually, it was early midday, but for me it was morning. Besides, the sun shone like if she were just out of bed and the air made a wonderful contribution to that.
I was on the bus, just coming back from Peter's, where I had spend the night watching black&white movies and having fun, and as I was getting nearer to the centre of Utrecht, the bus overloaded with supporters from the Dutch soccer club FC Utrecht.
I was like: whatever.

But then, bang! something caught my eye. Loads and loads of people were forming a crowd and were heading to the FC Utrecht staduim. It looked so old fashioned. Most of the people were there by foot and all together they looked like a swarm of ants, gathering at their antshill, serving the Queen.
It also looked a bit like a demonstration. People were carrying flags on bicycles and mopeds...
Anyway, I found it fascinating. A swarm of people on my lazy Sunday afternoon, coming together and supporting their soccer favorite.
It made me very happy.

Hmm.., not much more to tell, actually. I think I will attach a picture to keep your eyes peeled..

I'm waiting for my fisheye pictures to be developed. Until then:

Love her hair + analogue and fisheye effect.

Oh, I'm super exited over the fact that I'm having three concerts planned!
Next Saturday [31-01] I'm going to see Jaya the Cat in Ekko, Utrecht with Sem, Niels & Roel and perhaps some other folks.
February 16th is set aside for Kaiser Chiefs, along with my daddy! (=
And then the Thursday after that, the 19th, I'm doing Five O'Clock Heroes with Jessica.
Oh, how I'm longing!

Of course I'll take my camera with me and this got me to the idea of another blog: my top 10 of concert pictures I ever made.
Here's a preview already:

Simon Rix of Kaiser Chiefs, 15-11-2007, Heineken Music Hall.

So, be warned! Keep an eye on my blog.

That's all the flubadiduwab for now, folks!

Llov&Peace on earth.



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good days, Bad Rain.

As Kaiser Chiefs sang: there's good days and bad days. And today was a gooooooood day. Yesterday also, btw.
[for the KC song, click on the header. Not official video, but the "fan art edition", which is really wicked. Made by Tim Blackwell; close friend/roadie-ish guy of Chiefs.]

Yesterday I had my oral for the IB exam, which was nerve wrecking. Just not funny anymore! It was because last year I scored 5 out of 10 and yesterday was like..., official. So I could not afford an insufficient.
Anyway, in the end they said I did better then last year, which means I have at least a sufficient mark for it. You can understand: I was happy!!!

Today I had to do my mathematics test from last period, which went really well. After that I went to Utrecht to wonder around and do some shopping.
Yes, despite my test week, I could afford a day off. Tomorrow I'm going to therapy, so no tests for me then and Friday I cannot really learn for my tests.
Damn, I was already at 10.45 in Utrecht. The city is pretty dead then, but that's wonderful.
I bought a shitload of things. I'm so happy. Last time I went shopping, I couldn't find anything that I liked.
Yeah, shame on me to worry about such things, sorry. But here's the thing: it's anoying to shop with an eating disorder. Not many things look good on you then.. =(

Anyway, today it did! I bought a grey jeans, a dark grey cardigan with bat sleeves [I don't even know if that's a word. Well.., they are like.., veeeeeeeeery wide sleeves], two belts: one pink, one green [and the only things colourful and not from the fashion imporium, h&m], a white vest and two, similar white shirts, oversized. To one of the white shirts I'm going to do the following:

... as I already predicted in my previous blog.
I'm a real copy cat.
I want to copy this as well:

Yeah, I know, it is a real big hit on blogspot, but I'm absolutely in love with this idea by Alexander Wang. I think it looks pretty rock'n'roll and that's what I like! ^^
Unfortunately, I don't have a pair of jeans that I dare to rip up. So I wanted to buy a really cheap pair of jeans in sale today, but I couldn't find an appropriate..
Too bad, better luck next time. Got my fake Chanel project now!

&This song made me even happier today:
Devotion & Desire by Bayside.

Fuck the bass player. He can't play properly.

Cheers for now! I'm going to do some Chanel faking.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I am the cosmeticless Sleepyhead.

OH MY GOD! I spent my whole night on that fucking Written Task for IB! I was exhausted by the time I got to bed, which was 2.30 AM. No wonder I'm tired now.
I'll only post this blog and then I'm off to bed.

I recieved my T with Palestina scarf by Sustilo today!!
Some posts ago it was on my wishlist: link.
And this is how it looks on me:
[Pictures are all black&white, because I was in a b/w mood today. It doesn't matter, because all my clothes were black, white and grey.]

No make up in the weekends.


Open up.

Put shoes on.

My face is dumb in this picture.

Much better.

Tee - Hee for Sustilo.
Cardigan - America Today.
Leggings - H&M.
Belt - H&M Kids.
Socks - New Look.
Shoes - Converse, All Star.

Damn right: I was wearing a bimbo tail today. Ghehe.

This dude's cool. I'm gonna copy him.

When I move out of my parent's home, I'm getting a tattoo done.
Curious? I've drawn it for you. ^^

But then a little bit different. It should be filled in with "a red pencil".
Like this:

I'm not sure about the spot. I'm doubting whether I will do it on my foot or on my wrist.
What do you think?

The first image looks better, actually, after I had photoshopped it.

I found this very, very, very cute video of a baby monkey on MySpace. It's so sweet!!

Teeny Tiny Baby Monkey

That little tongue! Aww..!
&The music's so dumb that it's cool.

And that's all I got to say and show you. I'm busy working on my SET-week (week only filled with tests and exams), so, yeah.., my life's boring at the moment.
Hopefully, Matta & Stijn are coming by tomorrow in Stijn's 2nd Mini Cooper.
I'm exited. =)

Llov&Peace on earth.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a theory, Philosophyyyyyyyy!!

[Click on header for some philosophy by Disney. =)
&Put off my player, 'cuz in this post is music as well & it will play criss cross, which sucks.]

Fucked up. I'm ill.
I was already ill at my previous blog, but Wednesday I just went to school.
And since Thursday I'm stuck again on the couch in my "being-ill-outfit" [not worthy posting on blogspot].
Bwuh. It sucks, because I need to do sooooooo many things. Next week is my week full of tests and this week was also pretty uptight..

And I wanted to do a blog so bad about my philosophy lesson last Wednesday!!
I had started already, but I was too tired & ill to finish it. It started like this:

"Ghehe, I'm going to be sentimental again.
And yes, it's Wednesday, that's philosophy day.

Today we went over some things we've done in the past period."

That's all. Then I felt like sleeping.
Anyway, I'll just continue.

So we went over some things we've done in the past period.
We came to the point that August Comte said that the history of philosophy was devided in three parts:
  • the theological era (people explain happenings by Gods: thunder is caused by the German god Thor, our faith is in the hands of God, etc);
  • the metaphicisal era (Emmanuel Kant, kept himself busy with the science that questions the real 'being'. Asking questions such as 'why are we on earth?', 'why do we die?', 'who am I?');
  • the positivistic era (we can only rely on statements that are empirical verifiable).
Mr. vT. clarified this with a personal example.
vT's mother died 2 months ago, and his father was a very sad man ever since. He actually only wanted to be dead.
Some days ago, that wish came true.
Mr. vT and his brother and sister were preparing the funeral and his sister said: "I believe daddy is happy now. He is with mummy, in Heaven."
His brother stated: "that's nonsense."
Mr. vT. said: "I don't know."

This is the link with our lesson:
Mr. vT's sister represents the theological era: she believes her father is with her mother in Heaven, with God.
Mr. vT's brother is a positivist: he says it's nonsense that his father's in Heaven, because there is no empirical evidence for it.
Mr. vT. himself represents the metaphysisist. He doesn't know where his father is, because Emmanuel Kant stated that men can't know everything. He can only sense 'das Ding für mich' and not 'das Ding an sich'.
[Gosh, you probably have no idea if you haven't studied philosohpy. 'scuse me.]

Anyway, this is not what made me sentimental. It was the following.
Mr. vT. stated he was a metaphysisist, but he added that he wished his sister was right.
He wished that his father was happy in Heaven with his mum and that they were sitting on a bench in a beautiful garden, just loving each other.
It made me cry, because that's exactly where I hope John is, at the moment. That he and my grandfather, his best friend, will be reunited in some place people call Heaven and that they are happy.
I guess I will not know untill my time has come.
'till then I can only philosophize about it.

Time for funner things. Being ill is a drag, so you need to entertain yourself.

And surprise, surprise!
The View has a cool gadget for us. Totally for free! <3
The View.

For more songs & videos by The View, you should just hit the arrows on the gadget.

Bwuh, I'm working on my Written Task now. It's for my final IB exam and it needs a lot of work and effort, so I'm going to continue now. I'm doing very well, actually. =)
I'm writing a column to clarify my statement why it's a good thing that documentary films are becoming more populair.
It's in English and I think I will put it on this blog when the exams are all said and done.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in the Ol' Days.

The ball game heads for the worse,
for what it's worth I might just fall off the edge of the earth,

brain's kinda surfing now

- The Streets - Too Much Brandy. -

Cool song & I feel like this now.
No, i didn't do any mushrooms, but I feel so terribly ill. My brain is definately kind of surfing now..

Matta's was fun Sunday. I went there by bus with Zohra. I made some cool pictures of her at the bus stop.

Both our families were there including some dude-friend of Matta with a mini Cooper: Stijn. (Haha, all those Dutch names!)

You're asking me: who the hell is Matta??
Well.., Matta is an artist, more well known as Roberto Matta.
However, that's not the Matta I'm talking about. I'm talking about MY Matta.
And this is him.

Rawwr. Gorgeous, right.
I don't have any recent pictures of him. You should check
out his hyves [<< link] for that.
His actual name is Maarten by the way, and he is almost my oldest & closest friend.

That's right: I found pictures from the early days!! ^^ Got some on camera for you. It's pretty louzy photography, but I'm too lazy and ill to scan them.
I hate that job.
Here they are:

Me & both my Granddads.

Dad & me in France.

Music addict already. Ghehe.

Never changed.
Look at me, I'm wonderful, scooby-scooby-doah. [That's a song.]

Stylish already: All Stars. <3>

That's all for now, folks!
Got to get some German in my head by tomorrow.
Being ill sucks.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Scotlandman in Amsterdam.

[Click on header to see to what song it's referring to. ^^]

Hahahahaha! We've got some pretty sadistical animal lovers here, at home.

No, it's not original, we admit, but it's always fun. Zohra hates it.
Aww... =']

I discovered PolyVore.
You can make sets of clothes. It's cool, but it makes you so greedy. I wish I would have more money to buy more clothes!! *tripping*
As if there aren't enough in my closet already.. Ghehe.
Preppy meets Punk.
Preppy meets Punk. door ilovevynilrecords

Does anybody have an idea how to best rip up your skinny's?? I can't seem to make cool cuts..


Here's a random thing: I was just talking to an Englishman on the phone!
Ooh, I think I'm offending him now. He wasn't actually English, he was from Edinburgh, so that makes him a Scottsman.
He called for my mum, to tell her he's sorry for us, about John. But I was home alone, so he commiserated to me instead.
He was really kind! We talked for about half an hour..
He told me John had told him about me and that I wanted to go studying in Scotland and he offered to help me! He had been a teacher, but resigned, because he set up a business in vynil records. So cool.
He's coming to Amsterdam in May and he wants to drink coffee with me then! Really looking foraward to it already.

I'm going over to Matta's (Maarten) tonight to have dinner with both our parents. I'll take my cam &see what wicked scenes it will lead to.

Off we go, love!

Llov&Peace on earth.


Friday, January 09, 2009

Worst Picture Ever.

I have received yesterday's pictures by Nicole! Whohoo!!
I'm not going to place all of them, but I wanted to pay some extra attention to our self-titled: Worst Picture Ever 1 & 2.
When we shot the IB movie *dumdumdum*, Nicole took a picture of Mark and me and it was so freaking ugly that we decided to call it the "Worst Picture Ever".
I'm doing this with pain in my heart, but I'll show it to you:


I didn't exegarate, right? It's god d*mn ugly!
Well, yesterday, since we were bored at IB, we decided to try to make a Worst Picture Ever II, but Mark & I switched faces. I did his face from the Worst Picture Ever I and he did mine.
This is what came out of it:

OK, we suck at re-doing pictures, but overall it's way better! Mark's face suits me. We should always switch faces from now on!

Just to make you feel better after these shocking pictures, I'll post another picture Nicole made, which I really like.
I think Mark & I are both looking good on it. =)

Err.., so what did I do today? I went to Joost, working on our PWS, but I think we have done more chatting [about certain things, hihi] than working..
Not much going on for the rest..

Some great tunes came by on iTunes tonight! I'll make a list of the coolest 10.

1. Five O'Clock Heroes ft. Agyness Deyn - Who
2. Angus & Julia Stone - Silver Coin
3. Joe Jackson - I'm the Man
4. David Bowie - Fill Your Heart
5. The Coral - Shadow Fall
6. CAKE - Daria
7. The Kinks - Lola
8. Adam Green - Momus
9. Impossible Situations - Cum
10. XTC - Senses Working Overtime. [Yes, I named my URL to this song, indeed.]

I'm not going to say anything about the songs, except that you should listen to them!!

I quote myself: "Hmm.., I wanted to do something with blur pictures, but fotoflexer doesn't seem to be willing to co-operate.." ilovevynilrecords, 1/09/2009 06:02:00 PM
Tonight, thank God, Fotoflexer was willing to obey me. Now I can show you what I was trying to do with the blur pictures, which I mentioned in my previous blog.
Ta-dah! This is Tripple Blur.

It's a bit small.., yeah. Oh, care! It's looking quite cool right? ^^

The day's done for me. I posted my blog and that's all that counts. ;P

Llov&Peace on earth.

P.S. New Songs on my Player. I got crazy from 'Cold Hands Warm Heart' [though I still love it].
Currently in player:
Late of the Pier - Focker;
Five O-Clock Heroes & Agyness Deyn - Who;
The Kooks - Mr. Maker.

Just One hour of Excitement out of these 24

[Click on header to enjoy some exitement.]

I <3 IB.
But I most <3 the people in my IB class.
Today we did some fooling around in groups and I was with Mark, Nicole & Emilie and we were quite done with our task. So we made pictures, because Nicole & I had our cams with us.
I am still waiting on Nicole to send me her pictures, but I'll show you mine already. =)
Note: they're somewhat foolish.
Oh! And I had a little Czech Moment. XD Only some people know what I mean.
Explanation: on many photo's made on our IB trip to the Czech Repulblic I "fake lick" somebody. Mark seemed to like it today..
Evidence on:

For real: I'm so bored, I don't know what to do with my bottle..

Our ideal way to spend IB:

To take revenge on Wout for stealing and putting on my coat last week, I stole his communist hat/purse this morning.
It looks great on me. Like.., really flattering. XD

This is what I wore today.
I put on a dress this morning which was - obviously - too cold, but I was tired of putting a cardigan over it. They're SO 2008..
So I pulled a sweater out of a pile of [neatly folded] clothes.

Sweater - America Today.
Dress - H&M.
"Uggs" - New Look.
Scarf - Stand along the canal in Utrecht.
Tights - Pieces.
Head band - dunno.

Hmm.., I wanted to do something with blur pictures, but fotoflexer doesn't seem to be willing to co-operate..

Anyway.... Wasn't it looking great outside??

Times will be busy. I'm going to do fewer posts for the next two/three weeks.

Llov&Peace on earth.