Saturday, December 06, 2008

What took me so long?

[Comment after writing this piece of text:]
This has definately become a long post.
What took me so long? Well.., a great evening in Amsterdam yesterday.
It was short, but very nice and I want to tell you all about it.
So here you are.
Enjoy. =)


Whohoo! Yesterday was Amsterdam!
Strolling down the canals and along the buildings amidst colorfull people I just find amazing. I do this pretty often, but everytime I do it, my heart beats faster and I have this feeling like I'm in love.
I love cities so much!
Of course I took my camera with me. It was my shitty, small cam. You know, it had to fit in my back along with my books.
It sucked pretty much, because it was night and you cannot do anything about the shutting time. Most pictures looked like I was drunk or like I had Parkinson, which sucked.
However, not all the pictures are bad, so I can still share my evening/night with you.
A (brief?) description of what I did with pictures to support:

It was a long day at school for me yesterday, so I couldn't spend a whole day in the city.
While I was waiting for the bus, I messed around with the self-reflecter of the crappy-cam, which gave a pretty cool result, actually:

[I liked it so much, that I used it again today. My parents were out for a walk and I was bored, so...]

I was in Amsterdam at about 4:30 pm. Way too late, so I had to do some speed-shopping. I decided to only go to second hand shops.
From Central Station I walked through an old part of Amsterdam, full of pubs and lights.
On my way I saw this poster. It was from the performance where I would go to that night!

Through some lonesome alleys like this one...

... I made my way to the Waterloo Square [Waterlooplein] where Episode [one of the two] is.
Episode is a great vintage shop, with a marvellous collection. Very well sorted, washed and cleaned and the staff looks very inspiring [but most are a bit cocky/grumpy.. But not yesterday, fortunately].
I bought a tartan/checkered blouse, an '80s tee and pants.
I wore the tee shirt an the pants today - in fact I'm still wearing them - and as I said, I was bored today, so I made pictures.
I'll show them by the end of this post. First I might need to edit 'em. ;)

Anyway, after I made my victory at Episode, I had to get to Na Siam, a Thai restaurant where I had agreed to meet my family [By the way, check out what they could do with sticky rice at Na Siam:].

Cool, huh?
Anyway, to get there, I had to walk along the canal where everything seemed to be decorized with lights. Lovely, but very much against my norms.

"The Skinny Bridge" [De Magere Brug.]:

Royal Theatre 'Carré' by night.

Very strange to you perhaps, but I had to take a picture of this pile of bricks. I don't know why. I just felt it was beautiful.


After dinner we went to see the performance of Herman van Veen in Carré. It had been SO long - too long - since I had been in Carré, but it still looked as fancy as ever.

The performance was really good. The man is 63 years old now, but has more energy than ten classes of toddlers together. Wow!
And he is so talented. He can play violin, guitar, piano, double bass, drums, and he faked a pan flute with his voice and fingers.
Speaking of his voice: Oh. My. God. It causes spontaneously an orgasm.
[Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.]
May it be clear; I really liked the show. Herman maintains a very good balance between vulgar comedy and serious, philosophic thoughts and that's something I appreciate very much in theatre.
This way, I have a nice evening full of laughter, and afterwards, I have some serious stuff to turn over in my mind.

I tried to make pictures of Herman with a hat full of baloons, but, well.., like I said: I took the crappy-cam. The pictures are so bad, I'm not even gonna post them.
But, fortunately for you, I found some wonderfull pictures of him, made by pros. They're all very different styles, so it might look a bit messy on my page.
Please, look at them individually. Despite the mess, I could not keep them away from you. ;)

By Letja Verstijnen.

By Peter Thomsen.

By Wim Kempenaers.

After the performance I walked to Central Station with my mum. Amsterdam was still awake and it was very nice on the street.
We took a train home and it occured to me for the first time how impressive the roof of Central Station actually looks.
Especially in black'n'white.

After a long journey by train and car, we finally arrived home and I could not wait to go to bed.
In bed, I made a picture of my sleeping pills and took one.
It's funny: you can see the time on the picture.
Well, that was the end of my great evening.

Oh, by the way, - you will not believe this - I met Mickey Mouse's evil twin brother!

Haha, too bad that the shop was closed. I'm definately gonna go there, next time i'm in A'dam.

Well, today wasn't a very special day. I was home alone for a while and took these pictures.
Just to show you my new outfit.

These pix were inspired by the first picture of this post: be bored @ bus stop...

These were to show my new clothes...

Tee - Episode [vintage].

Pants - Episode [vintage].

Scarf - stand along the canal in Utrecht.

Shoes - dunno. Some shop..

And I'm posting this one, because I like it.
And I like tea!
I was watching a documentary on Nick Drake.

Yeah, you're right. It's enough for now.

Llov&Peace on earth