Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What the Milkman saw

Like I promised, here are photo's of my checkered shirt; bought at Episode last Friday.
Pictures are not any good. I know. Sorry.

Me treating my doggie: Zohra.

&Me, drinking milk.


Checkered shirt - Episode.
Jeans - All Saints.
Socks - Good Look.
Shoes - H&M (they're purple ^^).

This picture was disasterous, but I knew to add some flavour to it. =)

Actually a lot was going on today. Or at least, I found important to mention it in my blog, but not now, I'm too busy to tell you and I need to take the time for it. It has to do with philosophy. =)
Curious, yet??

Some useless fun:
If you're bored during breaks: "translate" all the physics-nerd-shizzle your friend tells somebody else into sex-talk.
I accidentilly came to this idea today with Mark and it was hilarious!
E.g. Sven and Victor discussing some physics:
Sven: "Yeah, i know. It splashed all around."

Sorry.., you need to have such fun some times.
Terribly vulgar, indeed. Ghehe.

If you're bored and you're not having a break and you're all alone:
Listen to music or read a book.
Recomended: [music] Late Of The Pier, Justice, Klaxons. Anything like that. Any kind of music with, like.., an acid beat. I'm listening it pretty often, lately. Oh! Simian Mobile Disco, too! Also nice: Lykke Li.
DEFINATELY NOT recommended: "Nuns & Soldiers" by Iris Murdoch. [Book.]
Damn.., nobody in my IB class seems to get through it. Not even our language assistant.
Thank God, I have the audio book!

That's all the phlubadiduwab for now, lovely Happyfolk.
Knock yourselve out! [I just wanted to say that. It's not of any use..]

Llov&Peace on earth.