Thursday, December 04, 2008

Too much of Nothingness.

Nothing going on today, really.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Amsterdam to have a dinner party with my family.
And afterwards we're seeing a show by this Dutch comedian/singer/songwriter/actor/very talented man called Herman van Veen. I'm really looking forward to that!
Of course I'm going to do some 2nd hand speed-shopping first, since I have only an hour to spend.

Just to entertain you:
Last Saturday I strolled down the woods with Peter. It was really nice. The woods were pretty and quiet. One time we took a fright, because there were two deers running out of the bushes. They were so pretty!
Well.., we walked and walked and walked. Like..., for five hours! We climbed in a three and talked and talked. It was lovely, but unfortunately I ended up with sore muscles.. Then I had to cycle 15 km home.
But I took some great pictures and it was really nice with Peter, so it was worth it.

Here are my best shots:

While i was waiting for Peter to arive, I spend my time picturing rabbit and a pigeon at a children's zoo:

Peter lifting up a tree:

A piece of heath. We were here illegal.

And my best/coolest shot of the day:

I think it's adorable. But then, who am I?
Don't laugh at me. You should ask yourself that question more often in your life.

Now, go to bed and think about it.
I will do so, too.

But first: listen to this song: Kawada - Perfume Glue.

Llov&Peace on earth.