Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Smokers outside the school doors.

Haha! So today I was in a funny situation!
I have been smoking cigarettes with three of my teachers. xD
How come..?
I will tell you right away.

I missed, and I'm still missing a few classes due to therapy this year. Amongst the lessons I miss there's one hour of philosophy, which sucks, because I need classes (equals explanation) for philosophy. Don't underestimate it! It is difficult and important.
So today, during class, I was completely puzzled and asked my teachter (i'll refer to him as mr. vT) if he could give me a quick, private, catch-up-with-classes-lesson. Some time.
He agreed.
I was sitting next to Sem, and at the end of the class, Sem asked me if I would have a cigarette with him.
Hey, why not?
I hadn't been smoking for a while and when somebody offers me a fag and I feel like having one, why not..?
So me & Sem would get our skin aged.
When mr. vT saw Sem with his last 2 cigarettes he was like: "Hmm.., i like!" (You should have seen his facial expression. I love that man. He can be so adorable. =) ), but he had offered me to do some catch-up-teaching.
So mr. vT & I were both in a dilemma.
For mr. vT: cigarettes or teaching me? &For me: cigarette or being taught?
Omg! Panic!
No need, 'cause I came up with an idea: why not go outside with the three of us, have a cigarette and teach me?
Mr. vT agreed, taught me and then two other teachers came out to smoke and it was actually, rather cosy.

Now, I wish I had made a picture. I like pictures on which people smoke. I don't know why. I just do.
It's not that I didn't bring a camera, because I did. I agreed with Nicole to do so and to make stupid pictures during IB, but we were sitting apart and class was too intensive to even think of pictures.
If I could only take a picture of all the words that come out of a teacher. That would make life as a student so much easier...
Anyway, I made 2 pix during the break, but they are not as cool as the picture I made with Nicole last time I brought my cam..
Which is this one, namely:

It's amazingly gorgeous right?
I thought so, too.

Sweet dreams for now! ;) [The pills worked, btw. Yay!]

Llov&Peace on earth.