Monday, December 01, 2008

Must-listen top 10 || 01-12-'08

Well.., this is what I would recommend you to listen to at this very moment.
It can change any minute. Depends on my mood.

Current mood: tired; I'll eat anything, but this is what I've listened a lot to recently.

Big fat chance my faves have changed after I finished writing this. )

1. Angus & Julia Stone - The Beast. [Currently listening & loving it!]
2. The Qemists - Lost Weekend (ft. Mike Patton (Faith no More)). [Niels e-mailed it to me & I digged it really well. I'm into some simple electryfied shizzle music at the moment and the beat of this tune is really good. Drum'n'bass meets rock. =) ]
3. The Veils - Jesus for the Jugular. [Really melancholic. Sounds strange, but I played it yesterday night: real good lullaby.]
4. The Shins - New Slang. [Early moring: couldn't have a better wake up call today.]
5. Punchline - Ghostie. [I know this band thanks to Peter. It's a great band. Love this song. It's.., well.., let's define it as straight forward.]
6. The Coral - Pass It On. [Too cute! Find the feeling, pass it on. I recommend anytune made by this band.]
7. The View - Hats Off To The Busker Man = their CD. [I <3 BritPop. The View's one in a million, but very talented. They're not much older than I am! Reczept.]
8. Kaizers Orchestra - Maskerini = their CD. [Norwegian dudes. It's not very outspoken music, so it will do for any mood. Live performances are absolutely f**kin' amazing! They play a lot of gipsy-mangled-with-rawish-rock live. =D ]
9. Kaiser Chiefs - You Want History. [Yes, I do! It's impossible to like the new, 3rd album after listening it once. It sucks when you do that. Just play it a couple of times, and the pain will soothen. I'm really looking forward for their performances in the HMH in February now. =)]
10. Dio ft. Voicst - Het is je boi. [Oh my f**king God. I could not imagine I would ever listen to ONE single song of a Dutch hiphop/r'n'b star (Dio)! What I like is the "music" in this song. It's by Voicst, so that's probably why I like. Lyrics are crap. I love music with a nice bass, by the way. I think that's the case for this song..]

Spread the word guys & respect music. It's a blessing and we're privileged to enjoy it.

Llov&Peace on earth.